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Freshly is a team of health-conscious entrepreneurs, doctors and professional chefs dedicated to making healthy eating and achieving your health and fitness goals easier than ever. We simply want to improve your life by delivering fresh, healthy and delicious meals to your doorstep.

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Dana O. posted on 6/26/2014

"Just finished my first week on my Freshly Fit plan. Down 8 pounds! Easiest and most delicious weight loss ever! Looking forward to next week. I might even exercise!"

Mary A. posted on 8/20/2014

"Best meal delivery for low carb diet. What I really like about their meal plans is that for the dinners they are essentially carb free. Just protein and a bunch of yummy veggies. Not all weight loss plans are designed like this. The food is really good too."

Kyle G. posted on 3/15/2015

"Just got my very first order today! ...and I'm eating my first meal as we speak. The "Roasted Apple & Fennel Pork Chop" and it's OUTSTANDING'LY good!!!"

Victoria F. posted on 4/6/2015

"I've tried eating Lean Cuisine and Nutrisystem, and both tasted like gritty oatmeal to me...gross textures and no real flavor. Freshly is completely different; the meats are always tender and fresh, and the vegetables are delicious and well-seasoned. It's easy to keep up with a low-carb, healthy diet with these meals...they last well and the deliveries are reliable. I love it; it's fairly simple food, but it's filling, and I find myself actually fairly excited to try a new meal each each day. With Freshly I can avoid that awful 'oh-god-it's-dinner-I-have-to-eat-that-gross-crap' feeling and instead just have an easy, quick dinner that is healthy. I would highly recommend this; it's pricing is very reasonable, the food is great, and if you're busy, this is the perfect option for you."

Lisa Q. posted on 4/15/2015

"Absolutely delicious! Current favorite: Chicken Parmesan with Zucchini Pasta. YUMS!"

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  1. I’ve had great success with Home Bistro meal delivery service. I’ve done well because I’m no longer eating junk and I’m eating and enjoying meals that I would have never tried before. I’m a creature of habit, which left me with the same food every week. I love the fresh meals and I’m no longer tied to the kitchen and grocery store.

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