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Frommer’s wants to help you explore your travel destinations the way locals do. Whether you’re venturing close to home or across the globe, whether your budget is limited or limitless, they strive to live up to your discerning approach to travel by delivering the most candid and reliable information on this Web site and in guidebooks and products.

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Steve W. posted on 10/6/2013

"Frommers spain. No mention at all about driving in spain. Issue is that in order to preserve the towns historical buildings etc. the streets are very narrow, change names every 100 meters and you cant see the name until you turn on to the street. No street signs, the signs are on the side of the buildings. However, the highways are excellent.

My suggestion, go metro in the big cities and go rail otherwise. The electric trains running along the northern coast of Spain stop in so many beautiful small cities with very affordable hotels that are in such incredibly beautiful buildings, spotless andclose to the train stations. The way to see the north coast anyway."

Jeremyo L. posted on 9/23/2014

"It have given the possible way for travel without any drawback. The site has to provide the most important tips to me for travelling. It is more benefited to me and my friends also. The information are guided to me as a successful travel. I have suggest you to follow Frommer's travelling tips and to get the full satisfaction for your travelling."

miguel m. posted on 10/7/2014

" produces a diversity of travel resources with a center on good worth budget travel. The major resources I have used, the magazine and the website, even as meant mainly at US travelers have a lot of important information related to UK based travelers. The room itself was completely fantastic in terms of size, decoration even as I would have had trouble finding friendlier staff."

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