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Established in 1999 as a retail store near Sandy Hook New Jersey, Fumfie is an online store that specializes in Cameras, Camcorders and Accessories. Fumfie.com’s mission statement is to provide an online home shopping emporium that caters to the retail market at wholesale price points.

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"I ordered a Nikon D7100 on a Monday night and had the camera with all Nikon supplied accessories in hand on Friday. I did have to call them on Tuesday and of course they tried to sell me an aftermarket battery and extended warranty. I passed on both and did not feel pressured. The card was processed and the camera shipped the next day. They had a very good price and the camera is new and works great."

- variety 4/11/15

"I was very scared to place my order but could not pass up the deal I recieved. The camera Canon EOS 70D was about $300 cheaper than any other website or store.
I always use my American Express card when purchasing online because of the excellent customer service they have. Any question or concern they immediately give me my money back and start an investigation, so not to worried when ordering from Fumfie.com.
Anyway back to my Fumfie review. I placed the order Wednesday and recieved a phone call within 2 hours checking the shipping address and shipment method chosen which was 3 day UPS. They did try to up sell me 2 different batteries but nothing to pushy there. The company is in New York so I am used to dealing with abrasive personalities when buying anything from that area. I recieved the exact item I purchased on the exact day I was supposed to receive it. I was very happy with my purchase. The camera was brand new and in mint condition. I ordered a bundle that came with many accessories and everything that was stated in the description was there in brand new packaging and works very nicely. I am very pleased to say I will most likely purchase from them again and again! Thank you for excellent service at excellent prices!!!!!!"

- A A. 4/5/15

"Bad, bad experience. Writing this to warn others. You know the saying "If it sounds too good to be true..." I admit, I bit. Purchased an almost $900 camera bundle. When it arrived it was NOTHING like what was promised. They swapped out most of the item for crap. EX: the lens pictured in bundle sells for $150... they swapped it out for junk that sells on Amazon for $10.00. The camera had been opened... new? refurbished? They claim no way. They also do not provide a receipt... incredible. I demanded full refund. They offered extra equipment to keep it but I was not interested. After 15 phone calls, they did refund in full. Be very careful doing business here. You have been warned."

- Carole 1/12/15

"I just wanted to warn anyone who is planning to buy anything through www.fumfie.com. I bought a warranty for an audio device I purchased through them (by a pushy salesman....I know I know). When I did, he insisted that the device will be replaced with a new one if it broke. Now it has broken and they will not honor the warranty (still 6 months left in it). www.fumfie.com is a scam. Stay away."

- mega b. 12/10/14

"I bought a new fridge for a new house online (after another company quoted me more than a month for delivery!). I immediately called to check on delivery, and within 10 minutes I had been offered expedited shipping, white glove service and a 5 year refundable warranty, all of which I wanted. Very pleased so far with my experience and Elliot was great."

- Catherine 9/17/14

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