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Fye.com is a chain of entertainment media stores in the United States. As one of several Trans World Entertainment brands, it began in 1993 and was expanded in 2001 after buying out and rebranding mall-based Camelot, Strawberries, Record Town and Coconuts stores. The store deals primarily with entertainment products such as selling, buying, and trading CDs, Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, video games, and books.

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Real Customer Service

"I'm going through this hassle with this company, I called to cancel and they refused even though the 11.99 payment was unauthorized!! I called my bank immediately to dispute it ..I have to get a new card and all! On top of that I cancelled the magazine subscription (which were fairly easy, they were very cooperative) FYE SUCKS! I wasn't happy with the product or the service."

- anonymous 6/12/15

"the worst thing you can do is order from fye. the "customerservice" jerks will lie to you just to get you off of the phone. my entire experience is to long to share but took not less than 12 calls and 2 hours on the computer to only to be told 5 of 7 cds ordered where on "back order" never again!!!!"

- snertface854 4/2/15

"First.. I have no idea who F.Y.E. is. Today we received a letter in the mail addressed to my wife with the subject on the envelope of 'Payment Due Notice'. Opening and reading it tells us they tried to process a payment for our 'membership' and were unable to collect the funds.. thank goodness. Since they couldn't automatically charge any account, they ask us to fill out the attached page with our account number and send it back so they could charge our account and activate our $11.99 / month billing for ...what? Think how many of us 'older' folks would just put all the info on the sheet and mail it back without questioning it? Just a heads up. Next place to hear will WGAL TV 8's "On Your Side". They usually do a follow-up and a visit to jerks like this."

- Michael 2/10/15

"I only shop at fye for CDs. However, customer service is deplorable. Bought an fm transmitter for my car & the sound is not too good on it. Called and asked what there return policy on opened items is, out of no where the manager hangs up on me. Very unprofessional."

- Jacqueline B. 7/7/14

"DO NOT ORDER WITH FYE!!! I ordered a CD and paid extra for 2 day air (making the CD worth $16.99 cost $29.13)I even emailed them saying if they could not make delivery in the time needed to cancel my order. The order was made on the 16th and failed to arrive in time for Christmas.When I called to get a refund on the $9.98 shipping charge- I was refused by the customer service representative saying that they need 3 - 5 business days just to process the order before it is shipped. When I noted that it did not say that anywhere on their website and asked to speak to a manager I then was treated very rudely by the manager. He refused to refund the shipping cost and said couldn't show me specifically where the (ridiculous) time frame needed to process an order before it could be shipped was stated on the site & then said he did not have time to talk with me. Since a web business is only as good as their customer service (and especially their managers) I say FYE isn't worth anything...go somewhere else."

- Irina 6/3/14

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