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G4tv Reviews

G4 is the one destination on television that feeds your addiction for the latest must-have tech gadgets, web culture and video games.  And they don’t stop there.  G4 pushes the boundaries of TV to bring you fresh and original shows with groundbreaking interactive features.  They cover E3 and CES every year and take you live to more unique, off-the-beaten-path events like Comic-Con.  G4 offers tons of ways to watch with exclusive broadband video on G4TV.com, heaps of VOD, mobile content, and more podcasts than any other network in America.

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Real Customer Reviews

Gary S. posted on 8/2/2011

"I do like this site, I think my heart lies with Ign but this is also a fantastic site!"

Grant M. posted on 7/29/2012

"i like the site but it really slow so make sure u have a good computer :)"

Wayland S. posted on 8/2/2012

"I like this site alot. They have alot of decent reviews and they also update on events like E3 and comic-con. The G4 channel also has some good shows on it as well."

Mike. posted on 11/5/2013

"New Super Mario Bros. U is a solid game, but one whose core experience is as conservative as can be and the level design, graphics, and sound are nearly identical to previous entries. The co-op features, however, are excellent, as are the new challenge modes."

Zome. posted on 12/18/2013

"Originally designed as a quirky, fast-paced shooter set during an alien invasion, Ubisoft's Wii U launch title morphed into the standout ZombiU, a slower but well-paced zombie adventure set in modern London. It is also one of the few Wii U launch titles to make true use of the console's gamepad as an integrated gameplay accessory, rather than just as an alternate (and smaller) screen on which you can play the game."

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