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Started in 2007, Gazelle is the number one website around to trade-in and buy certified pre-owned cell phones and electronics. You can trade in your iPhone, any brand of cell phone, iPad, tablets, iPod, any Apple computer, and any other product that is listed on their website. Today, Gazelle is the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade­in site and a leading e-commerce site where you can buy Certified pre-owned devices.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Gazelle is the best way to make money on your unwanted gadgets. I have sold 2 iPhones to Gazelle and the process is simple. They send the box and pay for the shipping. A few days later, I received my check. I highly recommend Gazelle!"

- sweetpbull 7/29/15

"I've used Gazelle in the past and always thought it was a good service. That was until I found out they resell your device for almost 2 times what they paid you for it. I'm selling you a perfectly good iPhone, you pay me $125-$150, then turn around and sell it for $350-$400? It just seems like a scam to me."

- anonymous 7/9/15

"Had an I-phone 4S.It worked Gazelle opened with an offer that would allow me some return on the phone. After they received the phone, they lowered the offer. Then they sent me another email advising the phone was worthless.Did I want them to throw it away or to be returned to me. I asked them to return the phone to me. I never saw the phone again. I never heard a thing from Gazelle, It was just a taking. Do not send anything to Gazelle."

- Joe C. 4/27/15

"Excellent customer service. Went above and beyond what I expected. Should seriously reconsider the box that the device is shipped in, however, so that it is less obvious what is being shipped. I had one device that was stolen from the box before getting to Gazelle and one device that went into a multiweek loop of post offices because the automated post office equipment kept trying to send it back to my zip code."

- dalangford 3/2/15

"Went thru all steps to sell my iPhone to Gazelle.Had used them once before w issue.

Got an email this am saying I had to delete Find my Phone as their inspection showed this was still active. Did that. Several hours later, got another email saying my iPhone screen/case was broken! This phone was perfect before I shipped it to them.

How did they know Find my iPhone was still active if I had a broken phone- & why didn't they say that 1st?

Either Gazelle is lying or their people broke my phone.

Now I'm going to get a broken phone returned to me.Not fair:-("

- anonymous 1/15/15

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