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GearBest is more than just a shopping site, it’s designed for gadget lovers by gadget lovers. It specializes in  all kinds of cool and fun gadgets, including smart phones, smart watches, car electronics, RC Quadcopters, LED flashlights, consumer electronics, etc. GearBest not only offers a large selection of the latest gadgets, but also aims to give the lowest price worldwide. it is committed to becoming the premier online electronics seller by providing an unparalleled selection of the very best gadgets, an unbeatable shopping experience, prompt shipping and exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

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Real Customer Reviews

"So i found gearbest on google, it looked very cheap and has very much cool gadgets.
The price could be set to euro's but it count in dollars in the end and paypal uses different dollar-euro ratings so i had to pay a little more then described on the website :(
Also i checked in with facebook to make the order but after finishing and paying with paypal i could not find back the order anymore but i received a mail that it was ordered and payed for and a couple of days later i received a mail that my order was sent to the Netherlands.
While waiting for the order i checked these reviews and i would become very afraid. : Will my mirror arrive, will i have lost my money,.. were questions that ran trough my mind all day long.

But i decided to wait and not to complain yet after 1 week allready :-)
AND LOOK, after 2 weeks (13 days) after i ordered it allready arrived..

Knowing it can easely take up to a month or longer to order from China i think 2 weeks is a fair amount of time to wait for something

I meanwhile openeed and tested my dashcam and it is completely new and works as described so for me 5 stars and i will order again from this site.

- Koen Grizzly Lavrijsen 2/7

"I have ordered so many times here... From a cheap light bulb to a nice Smartphone. All my orders were perfect and just one lasted long to arrive, but I did not mind.
Definitely I recommend to buy here and I will do it again. They have really nice items at an affordable price and they make even better prices with discounts and sales."

- SDG95 2/4/15

"I would like to take the opportunity to comment on the company .In the past few months I have purchased many products from them.The only thing is that I choosed flat rate shipping, it is really a shame, I guess I will choose express or EXPRESS shipping next time. Any way, in my opinion, it is not bad as the others said.All in all,thanks!Gearbest!"

- baruch c. 1/10/15

"The site of the purchases in-shop I found interesting me in the store goods GB. Never before have I had never used their services. Parcel arrived quickly, packaged very well and the price is much lower than in offline stores! I left a good tip on the GB and they asked me to do a review on this portal. I am very pleased with their service and could not resist:-)"

- kww2004 1/12/15

"I Purchase of gearbest from June 2014 and I made 6 orders. I have always received the items in 2-3 weeks using the economic free shipping. With other similar sites delivery occurs after 1 month. The support is good. Items are of quality and very low prices."

- divo D. 12/25/14

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2 thoughts on “GearBest Reviews & Coupon Codes – Designed for Gadget Lovers

  1. Horrible experience. They cannot give me a more definitive response to my questions,

    Let me give you a run down of the timeline:

    3/19 – Order Placed on Pre-order
    3/28 – Funds removed from account
    4/17 – Item still not arrived, inquiry sent
    End April – Told item was not in stock, wait til early May
    Early May – Told item was actually in stock, mistake made, wait 1 week
    5/18 – Told QC check incomplete, told to wait more
    5/20 – Told that the item will be shipped the following week
    5/29 – Told to wait longer
    5/31 – Told to wait longer, there is no stock til early June.

    Keep note…to this date…I have WAITED 73 DAYS since Pre-Order, (57 days since the actual release of the item, April 4th). And they still have no answers for me. It’s been a heck of a back and fourth. And completely frustrating. Not to mention they still have my funds and are slow to refund.

    To save …I wanna say 4 Dollars from somewhere else I could have purchased…not worth the hassle.

    DO NOT! I warn you…DO NOT! Buy from this site…You may not ever get your item.

    I bought an Elephone p3000s from them on January (Order W1412121630383553) which after 5 months stopped working.
    I opened a support ticket on their website, but they at first wasted time pretending they didn’t understand, then simply stopped answering my messages.
    They only replied one month later, after I published a couple of reviews on the web (odd coincidence…) – but to offer me what?
    1) a gorgeous 26.00 USD contribution to have my phone repaired at my local service center at my own expense – or alternatively
    2) send them 107.63 usd to have a new phone (which I paid 175.00 usd and is now definitely out of stock on their site and has been abandoned by the manufacturer) – or alternatively
    3) return them the phone (at my expenses) but allowing 3-4 months waiting time to have it repaired.
    Unfortunately, it takes more than 150.00 USD to fix the phone and, as for offer n.3, the internet is full of reviews where people complain they received fake RMA addresses or anyway returned their items and never had them back again.
    The funniest thing is that they pretend to ignore the hundreds bad reviews they have collected (there’s even someone who made a website named “donotbuyingearbest”, and they’re on ScamAdviser too…) and still expect you to trust them, after dealing with you so badly.
    Don’t believe all those five-stars reviews not supported by facts, just google “GearBest reviews” and see by yourself.

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