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Getaroom is a Travel Agent booking travel for you! It is an online hotel booking website offering hotel room rates often 10 to 20 percent lower than you’ll find anywhere else. Whether you’re interested in staying at a large hotel chain or a small boutique property, GetARoom offers discounted rates and reservations at all types of accommodations in destinations around the world, such as New York, Barcelona, and Cancun.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Booked a room through and when I got to the hotel they did not have reservation even though I had the confirmation number from We called the number from the confirmation email, and of course got passed to 3 people with being cut off or waiting on hold. This lasted for nearly 2 hours until we finally got a fax sent to the hotel confirming our purchase. The one star is because they are legitimate and we finally did get our room. I will not use their service again!"

- Cristina C. 9/7/15

"I booked a room with 2 queen beds at Holiday Inn and Suites in Kanata, Ontario. When we arrived at the hotel, we were given a room with 1 queen bed and a sofa bed. We complained immediately to the hotel staff that this was not what we paid for, to which the answer was they were unable to give us the proper room but that they would contact Getaroom and get us a discount. Upon checkout we were then told that there was no refund or credit and there was nothing they could do.

Several weeks after our hotel stay, we received our credit card statement and found out that we were charged in American funds, not Canadian, which was not stated on the site or the confirmation page.

I found them to be liars and cheats and will not recommend or use this site again."

- John G. 8/20/15

"If I could give this company 0 stars, I would! We booked hotel rooms through this company. The confirmation email we received was not the same as what the hotel received from the company. We spoke with several customer service representatives from Get A Room who were very rude, could not pull up a copy of the confirmation email that was sent to us, and their reps could not get our names correct when addressing us on the phone. It was just short of a nightmare. I do not recommend this service to my worse enemies. I can't believe Yelp uses them to book hotel rooms from the Yelp website."

- Namcy M. 8/11/15

"GetARoom.Com adds huge "service fees" to what at first seem very competitive hotel rates.

I've searched for hotels on Trivago on several occasions. One of the lowest rates quoted is from GetaRoom, who charge a huge "Tax Recovery and Service Fees" - in most cases 1/3 or more on the cost of the rooms!

The price quoted initially is a fraud. Stay away from this vendor."

- Maria M. 4/14/15

"Horrible experience!!! Getaroom is a scam and I just wonder how come they are still in business? wish I had read reviews before booking with them. We were going to Hearst Castle and I booked a room through their website. When we got there, receptionist told us that they have no vacancies, nothing in their records shows that a room was booked on my name and that they NEVER heard about this company, nor EVER any room was given/booked by We wasted over an hour while a hotel manager was trying to help us... I contacted getaroom yesterday, was offered NO APOLOGIES, spoke with someone named Victor who told me that he can't reach anyone in a hotel (a lie! anytime I call - the hotel's receptionist answers right away). This Victor promised to call me back same day after he talks to a hotel's receptionist. He never did! Now I wasted another half hour on the phone to find out that: after they will confirm with a hotel, it will take another 7-10 days to take the charge off my credit card. Asked their supervisor to contact me, will see how long it will take..This is the worst experience with booking I ever had."

- Elisabeth M. 5/17/14

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