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Gevalia is the largest coffee roastery in Scandinavia. In North America, the company sells more than 40 different varieties of coffee and tea to consumers via home delivery. . The majority of these coffees are Arabica blends, using beans from Kenya, Guatemala, Colombia, and Costa Rica. Gevalia Kaffe is composed of up to six different varieties of these Arabica beans, as well as Brazilian beans.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I was down in the dumps everyday before work and relied on my morning coffee to give me that extra push to energize me and provide that motivation needed to get to that second cup of coffee for the morning. Sometimes I would drink it black, but most of the time I would use French Vanill creamer which made the coffee even more delightful. My experience with this and no sugar added was quite a pleasant one although I believed that it would be horrific-I need sugar in my coffee-I'm a cocoa girl-not a coffee drinker! I was surprised to find however, that this coffee was very good without sugar and only needed creamer to satisfy the taste I desired for a pleasing cup of jobe. I would like another cup of French
Vanilla real soon as it was quite relaxing. Hats off to Gevalia for its rich, smooth, taste
every time you open a vaacum sealed bag.

I am conected to this product because I received samples of it and I continue to use it .today. French Vanilla is my favorite."

- MonieWLimuel 12/25/13

"I made the mistake of not reading reviews before ordering my first shipment of coffee and tea with a promise of a "free" coffee pot. It has been almost two and a half months and two emails and still no coffee pot. It is "back-ordered". At this point, I would not recommend doing business with them, going off with my personal experience and from what I have read."

- Jacalyn 1/15/13

"Gevalia offers some pretty slick deals to join their mail order service. A free drip machine or free set of decorative mugs is nothing to sneeze at, and is a really good deal to get started. The products themselves are quite good. In a market inundated with the distinctive burnt roast in imitation of a certain popular coffee company, Gevalia offers a nice selection of mellow European-style roasts that make a wonderful change of pace. Most of the teas are good as well. Their customer service still needs work, however. A glitch on the web site can cause order changes to not save properly, and the service reps attitude is to assume that whatever went wrong must somehow be your fault. On other occasions I have had to nag them to mail my shipment. Whomever in the company is monitoring the online order process is lackadaisical about it at best, negligent at worst. Still, it's damn good coffee and I get so bored of the over-roasted kind that's everywhere these days. I'll stick with my subscription, and I will recommend it to others, but with the caveat that you will have to be a very proactive customer when dealing with this company."

- Batu 12/16/12

"Gevalia sent me my coffee maker and coffee fast and everything was of good quality and only $14.95 so I would say if you are looking at getting there intro deal then go for it . after your coffee maker shows up then cancel becuse the next shipment of coffee is not cheep it will be like $30+ but other than that where will you get a good coffee maker and some coffee for under $20?"

- Klint B. 3/25/10

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