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Launched in Boise, Idaho, on April 13, 1999, is an online retailer of body supplements including workouts, nutrition, motivation, forum and more. Over the past 10 short years, they have become the most visited bodybuilding website in the world. This website contains 18,000 pages of information and products to help customers achieve their health, fitness, and appearance goals. Over 200,000 people visit Bodybuilding every day, and they’ve been ranked as one of the top 500 e-retailiers in America.
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"I am not sure how has such a low review on here. I have used them for the past year and have never had a problem. Prices, good. Customer service, great. Shipping, unbelievable!! I have made an order and received it in under 24 hours!! Maybe because i am close to one of their warehouses but either way i am thoroughly impressed. Will continue to keep using them!! Love "

- jnov 10/16/14

"I only recently began using and let me tell you something. They have the fastest shipping and quickest acting customer service of any online shopping site I've ever used. Not only did I receive my purchase ahead of the planned delivery date but even when I made a mistake in my order they were willing to respond to my questions individually and address each issue as presented. I will be using this site exclusively for all my supplement needs from now on."

- Dylan S. 10/8/14

"I am a regular visitor of and I just crazy about bodybuilding and the are really helped me a lot to know some good workouts and diet plan so on. I think only few online services are providing best service and good information for their customers and is one of them."

- wad e. 8/31/14

" is trustworthy and offers vitamins and supplements at very reasonable prices. They also have a great community for advice and support, where you can share your health journey with others on the same track as you are. I've tried to find better vitamin and supplement deals, but I still haven't found one."

- Kim D. 7/14/14

"Best supplements at great prices! They ship super fast and I enjoy browsing their website. I feel like they have solid information that helps me make the right supplement choices for my needs."

- nikola n. 3/25/14

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