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GlassesUSA is an online eyelasses store that offers prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, frames and more.  It guarantees the highest quality optical products at the most affordable prices in the fastest time span possible – all across the world. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of GlassesUSA.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Fast..last time I got glasses from a optician's office they took forever and I had to call several times before getting them. Very pleased with my glasses. Good fit and love the style. The cost was good also."

- shwilliams2303 4/13/15

"Got glasses later than expected and shipment appeared to be lost. Called DHL, called USPS each time waiting on hold for 20-35 minutes. This is second time this has happened with a Glasses USA order! DHL shippings interface with the USPS seems to be to blame. DHL delivers to wrong post office, post office evidently sends out to delivery from that post office, tracking shows "Out for Delivery" and when I meet my postman to get my glasses he knows nothing about it. The glasses at that point are evidently lost in shipping and so I initiate calls and emails that take up a good part of my afternoon. And I also get a little needless stress. DHL customer service just repeats what I can already see on online tracking--as if I'm deaf, blind or an idiot (very NOT helpful). Post Office once I get thru (ever try to reach USPS customer service??? it takes FOREVER!!!!) actually is able to pull up additional information, see the problem and tell me what's happening. Yes, sometimes the government does work better. Anyway, it this is gonna be the way it is everytime I order from you, I am gonna quit ordering from you, cause it is not worth the stress or my time."

- Online Shopper 4/13/15

"This is my second tentative to buy glasses from Glasses USA. The first time, the frame was huge that I have to return it, which they gave me 100% refund. The second time, I had the same problem, i.e, the frame was so big, but I tried to adjust it at the local store. They adjusted as much they could, but it still keeps falling from my face. These whole process took me longer than I expected, and the time frame to return has expired. I called the costumer service to get a solution for this problem, considering that I liked the glasses and just needed to be adjusted or replaced it with one that fits properly and I could wear without problem. I was told they don't fix glasses, either, replace any glasses.The solution they gave me is to refund 50% of the value I paid for, as a credit to buy another pair of glasses from them. So, I spent over $ 100 for their product that didn't work and in order to have one that works, I am penalized with over $ 50, and still can use this refund ONLY at their store. BAD marketing, people! You should have better policy to keep your consumer and have their needs satisfied."

- Geny K.11/19/14

"i used to work for them. They are a terrible company. They treat employees like dirt. Almost all of the "upper management" are on drugs of some sort. They play dirty, and care very little for their customers. Most of the products are not real, and usually come from China. Also, they are in fact located in Israel. Buy at your own risk."

- truthbetold9 1/8/14

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