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As an online retailer, Global Eyeglasses has been perfecting people’s vision the world over. Their amazing array of prescription sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses suit every need – man, woman, or child – without breaking the bank.It offers high quality frames and branded FDA-approved optical lenses at discounted prices. These prices are by virtue of being an online store.

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"After paying $273.61 for RX glasses at my local Optician I decided to look for some where cheaper. I found Global Eyeglasses on the internet and gave it a try. For just over $102 (They even gave me a discount) we received 2 pairs of photo chromatic RX sunglasses. The quality of the lenses are as good as any I have had, ever! Their customer service answered our questions quickly and clearly. Both pairs arrived in a heavy case, well packaged and within 2 weeks. I can only say, if you are sick paying inflated prices for RX eyeglasses, look no further. I would recommend Global Eyeglasses to anyone."

- Drew Drew 4/1/15

"I don't understand the bad reviews. I bought 3 pairs of glasses from this company. One of the pairs didn't fit right. They contacted their lab for me. After getting the glasses adjusted at a local retailer, they fit fine. So it was my fault. They have amazing customer service and good products. Definitely will buy again and highly recommend to everyone."


TERRIBLE COMPANY. ORDERED TWO PAIRS OF GLASSES, BOTH OF THEM CAME WITH WRONG LENSES AND PRESCRIPTION DIOPTERS. I have to return them but nobody answers the phone or my emails. What am i supposed to do now.
If you are looking for a good company go to ZENNIES. Ordered 6 pairs from them, all came fast, nice thin lenses and right prescription. Excellent customer service. STAY AWAY FROM GLOBALEYEGLASSES. YOU CANNOT COMMUNICATE WITH THEM. If you have questions my email is

- vania l. 7/16/14

"I don't know yet that they're an honest business simply because since I ordered my pair of glasses which was a month ago, I've not been able to get in touch with them but once and it was not even by phone because they never answer.I had a one time chat with one of the reps who said my order would maybe ship in that same week we had spoken.

It's been two weeks since I had that chat. The status of my order was emailed to me and is so vague. Not clear as to where my glasses are and obviously not shipped according to the email being there is no tracking number to my order.

I'm beyond upset and I can't even express that to them because they won't answer their phone.Looks like I'll just have to patiently wait for my order though it's been a month and have no idea of it's status."

- anonymous 5/24/14

"I must say for the last 5 years Ive only used Global Eyewear their inexpensive eyewear is the best you would never know it wasnt designer frames and they last they dont fall apart and break. Once I heard of Global Eyewear 5years ago thats all Ive used since for all my eyewear needs."

- Maryann Orr 11/13/13

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