Glyde Reviews – Are You Satisfied w/ It?


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Real Customer Reviews

"I've been using Glyde for years now and don't plan to stop. You get more for your games and can get games all from the comfort of your home. I tell everyone I can about it. I've never had any issues with sales or purchasing of any games."

- Sam C. 4/17/15

"I easily signed up with Glyde, was contacted within a couple weeks that a buyer was identified, received the shipping package, sent my old phone off, and received the sales proceeds several days after. Easy peasy. Will use again."

- kristy_neary 4/12/15

"The entire process was very simple. I was able to list my phone near the suggested sale price, and then it sold within a week. All I then had to do was place my phone in the box that was sent to me and put it in the mail to be shipped to my buyer. 72hrs after the shipment arrived to my buyer the funds were entered into my paypal account. I would definitely use this service again."

- Alex B. 4/1/15

"This site has become my go to site for reselling or buying used, checking after amazon(for new), but before ebay still. And honestly, finding the few surprise items in new condition, I might start checking them first for that as well now too."

- studentkamon 3/28/15

"Hello. I also wanted to point out that Glyde is an online-only marketplace that is made up of many individual sellers and buyers across the United Status and that we do not hold inventory or sell items directly. As such, we have the name and address of the person who listed the phone you purchased. They have been suspended from selling on our site, pending further investigation. Please follow up with us at service [at] glyde [dot] com so that we can take further action if need be."

- Kevin 1/3/15

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2 thoughts on “Glyde Reviews – Are You Satisfied w/ It?

  1. I imagine that if a product is in working order then working through Glyde may be a positive experience. However, my daugher purchased a $200 phone via Glyde but it was defective. She contacted the company immediately and they responded that a return mailer kit would be sent to her. It wasn’t. After contacting them again, they agreed to send another kit. They didn’t. We contacted them several more times, but they no longer responded to us. We tried for six weeks, but in the end, we were stuck with a defective product and a silent Glyde not standing behind their products. Buyer beware, this company is using the federal mail to defraud consumers.

  2. I need to amend my above comment. After posting a negative review and once again emailing them, they did respond, promptly sent a return mailer, and credited my account. They also emailed me with updates throughout the process. I am satisfied with Glyde’s customer service department.

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