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GoDaddy is a privately held company that is primarily an internet domain registrar and web hosting company. Go Daddy filed for an IPO in 2006 and later canceled it due to “market uncertainties”, but was preparing for IPO as of March 2014. In addition to domain registration and hosting Go Daddy also sells e-business related software and services.

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KyleF1. posted on 4/24/2013

"I bought a domain for our wedding from Go Daddy. I could ACTUALLY CALL and talk to a human, even though I only spent $10.99 at their store. They have really helpful customer service (a little bit technical at times and I didn't understand). Pretty good investment in my opinion - strongly recommend them."

Jeff3558. posted on 2/20/2014

"We have been a customer of GoDaddy since 2005 and for many years have been happy with their services, there have been periods where the mail servers had issues and we couldn't connect to them for a few minutes to a few hours but I can't attribute any loss of mail to them.
I had 1 incident where our mail servers were down for an extended period and called support. The rep I got was less than helpful, she told me there were no problems, sent a message and looked in a the webmail client and could see the message. I tried explaining to her that we used Outlook and the problem was in the POP authentication but she insisted it is the same thing and the problem was on my end, and refused to transfer me to someone else. I called back got a more knowledgeable and cooperative person who simply asked me to do a trace route and agreed there was an issue that they were currently unaware of and it was resolved in about 10 minutes. Support has varied but for the most part it has been good.
On 2/15/2014 our services auto renewed one with a 133% price increase, the other with a 180% increase, these were not introductory plans, these were increases in the list prices.
We usually do manual renewals, and for 1 year, auto renewals default to 2 years. I don't have a problem with the fact that the service was auto renewed for 2 years, but when they pack in 133 and 180% rate increases it becomes very shady. Our service went from ~$190 per year to $530 and we were hit with a $1060 invoice. I have tried to resolve this but the only thing billing says is yes that is the current rate and have been adamant that they are not going to do ANYTHING about it. They have never had a problem calling trying to sell more services, but we received no notifications, much less a call informing us that the rates on our Email plan were going to be raised such an extreme amount it certainly isn't a customer friendly practice and it borders on a contemptuous attitude towards the customer."

lewis g. posted on 5/28/2014

"Half decent, They started up with decent prices for domains. Price quickly adds on though, I personally buy from namescheap now and transfered all my domains out of them but they were very helpful when I was transfering."

Ashton W. posted on 7/17/2014

"the domain registration is cheap and even cheaper with coupons you can search the internet for. Easy to manage domains, edit or forward to a new ip. I Recommend Godaddy."

ALIDA D. posted on 11/16/2014

"i have a account with them for about 3 months i wish i never had account till this day i cannot open my store i wasted my money poor service i hate them do your homework before jumping in please i made the mistake huge don't do the same"

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