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Goggles4u is a prominent name in the Discounted Prescription Eyeglasses industry with its multiple offerings including Prescription Eyeglasses, Sunglasses, and Designer Eyewear. It gives customers good advice to determine what frame size they should get based on the size and shape of their face.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Received my order and encountered an unforeseen problem with the glasses. RX was done correctly but frame kept letting glasses slide down my nose. Went on chat with their CS person, explained problem and was told they had a one time exchange policy to deal with problems with their product. I picked out a new ALL METAL frame to replace the mixed material frame that I ordered originally, told her which one I wanted, and she entered an order for the replacement glasses immediately. New glasses arrived yesterday and they a perfect. Would order again from them in the future as my needs change."

- Elvira V. 10/9/15

"Thank you so much for my new glasses. The service was great and the glasses are better than the ones I paid a lot more money for. I have told all of my friends and relatives about your company and have encouraged them to give you a try. Thanks again for a good product and the prompt service, you have a great company. "

- Larry B. 10/9/15

"I have a strong precsription and also need progressive lenses. I messed up on the prescription at first but called them and they were very helpful and made the change for me. I got my glasses in about 2 weeks and they are great. Best thing of all is I saved about $300.00 off the glasses store price."

- Jim G. 8/25/15

"I recently purchased some rimless spectacles, the right lens of which was slightly loose when they arrived through the post. When I mentioned this to Goggles4u they responded immediately by stating that the faulty spectacles will be replaced in their entirety. I did'nt expect this reaction but was pleasantly surprised that not only did they do that but also did not insist on me returning the original faulty pair. Excellent service, excellent price. Would certainly use them again."

- Leon L. 6/10/15

"These guys are master spammers. Once they get your email they will flood your inbox with special offers just for you (and the entire world). There will be a link to unsubscribe, but it won't work unless you're using internet explorer. They don't offer any other way to get off their mailing list. You can complain online to them, but that only gets you automatic replies back with no solution. There are other online companies selling glasses that won't spam you so whatever you do - don't give these people your email address! (or if you want to really annoy a boss/coworker/neighbor - sign them up!)."

- joe m. 8/21/14

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