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GoJane is an online retailer of fashion forward apparel for progressive young women. They are a dedicated team of fashion fanatics, committed to the goal of connecting customers with their own unique fashion sense. Since 1999, GoJane has been devoted to elevating style and self-perception while keeping it fun and inclusive of all trends. Their teams of buyers are constantly on the lookout worldwide and locally for the next must-haves! They add tons of new styles every day to keep you at the forefront of fashion. Why wait when you can find something new at GoJane.com.

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Jess G. posted on 11/24/2014

"This was my first time ordering form gojane.com, and it was excellent. The prices were cheap, and you pay for what you get. That being said, I didn't order clothing as so much as I ordered accessories! And I got everything I wanted; it was perfect and all was intact! The shipping was so fast! I ordered on Friday morning, and it was waiting in my office on Monday morning when I got in!!"

Nay D. posted on 10/17/2014

"I placed my first order Oct. 13 and I just got it today (Oct.17) which is seriously the fastest shipping I've ever had. What I ordered was a pair of black leggings and some multicolored ones. The black leggings are the BEST I wish I would've known they had a fleece and fuzzy feel I would've order like 4 . The boots I ordered were amazing and so were the smokey flats. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Go Jane . I will be spending more money there and recommending them to friend and family (:"

Shaunte A. posted on 9/10/2014

"I have ordered from GoJane for a few years now and every time I am pleased with my orders. The customer service reps are not only fast but they are extremely professional and very helpful. I plan to keep ordering because I love GoJane."

Effy M. posted on 2/11/2014

"3 REASONS: lotsa discount events + NO EXTRA FEES upon delivery for Canada + relatively fast shipping = yay!!

I have made 3 orders from this site and they were all smooth and I got to save A LOT on COD (for Canada) because they use USPS. Wooo!

First order -- a strappy bra thing. Super cheap cause I wanted to test them out first.

Second order -- the most amazing platform wedges that were on sale for $12!!! They arrived in perfect condition with NO extra handling/etc fees even though they came in a box! Totally wasn't expecting that. Wears is alright. A bit on the heavy side but quality is decent -- about ALDO-level quality.

Third order -- knock-off version of the One Teaspoon "Eagles Shadow Bikini" which details for $120 on Nastygal and was selling on GoJane for $30. I'm a 32C and took a gamble and ordered M/L instead of S/M and thank GOD I did. The material is not amazing compared to the One Teaspoon version but for $30, I'm way happy.

Fourth order -- after my last order, GoJane sent me a 40% off coupon! Why they decided to do this now and never before, I have no idea but I just used it on these lace-up cut-out boots that look exactly like mid-level designer ones I've seen on NastyGal. With discount, shoes were under $20.

Plus they sent me follow-up e-mails to make sure that I received my orders. I mean, if I hadn't, I don't know how helpful the e-mails would have been... but I did! So yay.

- constant discounts -- things get dirt cheap if you wait for their 50-60% off events

- fast shipping with tracking -- I got my order in 10 days, which is faster than most sites whose warehouses are closer. (I live in Toronto.)

- no COD for Canada, no handling fees for boxes!!

- cute styles!! I think they are actively plagiarizing NastyGal... I used to not like this about GoJane but now I'm like, whatever cause I've been pissed at NG lately for suddenly changing the shipping to Canada to DHL without warning and punishing us previously loyal customers with HUGE customs fees that you ONLY get with DHL.

- cheap material but honestly, so is half of NastyGal. What you're paying for there is the photographer and brand, which admittedly, is pretty badass.

- shipping is expensive

Looking at the reviews here, I justed wanted to add a positive one because I know it's mostly those with bad experiences who bother to write reviews. Online shopping always carries the risk that your package will be lost, which really sucks and I feel for all the people who feel scammed because of that.. I'd be pissed, too! I've been shopping online for 6-7 years and I've never had a lost package so it's just luck.

~~In Conclusion~~
I like this site because it is HONEST with its prices. What you see, which can look cheap, is what you get. It DESCRIBES itself as "cheap"... can't get more real than that, yo. Giving it 4/5 just cause I don't think most of the clothes are worth the original price... but like, I feel like clothes that are imported are never worth their full-price... no matter what the brand is."

Leyani L. posted on 8/27/2013

"I have 0 problems with gojane.com. Every single time I have ordered from them I get everything I paid for, and even when my order is over $100 they send me small gifts, which are always very thoughtful. Very please with the quality of clothing, keeping in mind what I'm paying, and very very very happy with how fast my orders come in. I love the website and will always be a loyal costumer."

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