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Gravity Defyer

Gravity Defyer is a shoe maker and marketer with U.S. and global operations. The company Gravity Defyer was created in 2008 as the sole manufacturer and distributor of shoes featuring the patented sole technology that later became dubbed the VersoShock sole. It offers shoes embedded with special technology that can absorb shocks and maintain body balance while walking on rough terrain.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I purchased my shoes several months back and I just love them! ! Working on concrete floors was killing my feet and legs. After breaking them in after 2 days , I quit dreading work. I recommend them!"

- tracy d. 8/10/15

"I first ordered women size 6. they sent me defective shoes. my replacement was unavailable. then i picked a substitute style 6 M. they sent me 6.5, I returned, then twice they sent size 5, then size 7. I SIMPLY wanted a size 6. I noticed sometimes the invoice would say 6, but in fact the content is of different size. Other times the number on the outside of the box does not match the content inside. so far I have sent back 4 pairs, n still have not received my correct size. It has been 6 months
Have neen calling n emailing them, no response, no refunds. I am very frustrated."

- Cloris L. 7/12/15

"I ordered a pair in December 2014 and kept getting emails over the next 4 months that my shoes were on back order. I finally gave up and ordered a pair of Hoka One One shoes that came 2 days later from Zappos and are everything that Gravity Defyer had claimed but never delivered."

- Jim J. 4/13/15

"First I paid for two day delivery got them in three days that was a waste of money what a gimmick to make money. Ordered extra wide and they are no wider than a wide. After one week of walking the whole top leather is cracking. The shoes are hard as a rock to walk in bought intersole to put in them. Hardly any arch support at all. Bought them to wear after foot surgery. Total waste of my hard earned money and can't get a refund their 30 day refund is also a lie like the description of their shoes. Do not buy!"

- Donnarare M. 2/21/15

"I ordered a pair of gravity defyers for $99 plus shipping and there was a loud obnoxious 'click' sound coming from one of the heels every time I took a step. They sent a return slip in the box they came in and on the form, under "Reason for Return" they had a list of reasons from which to choose and one of the reasons is "Makes Click Noise". When I called to ask why, given that they know that this is a common defect, they don't test for it in their quality control process, they said that they 'can't have someone stand in the shoe' (isn't this is a quality-control problem that a smart junior-high student could solve?). You can return the shoes, but there's no guarantee that after you've gone to the time and trouble to do so that your next pair won't make a loud obnoxious click. Don't waste your money buying them."

- Jodie W. 6/25/14

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