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Graze specializes in offering over 100 snacks and send them to customer’s work or home. Fast forward a few years and we have developed a range of over 100 delicious snacks and designed an intelligent algorithm.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I started to use Graze recently for the first time and it was easy to use with lots of clear instructions and guides. The website it's self was very welcoming and personal as you go through personalising food preferences and other things. I did have a couple of questions so I emailed the graze team and they got back to me in under an hour on a Sunday! This I was very surprised about and I was also pleased with how polite and just generally helpful they were. I would definitely recommend this site and commend the graze team for their excellent work. Thank you!"

- Sally 7/28/15

"I've been with Graze for over a year now, and I always look forward to my monthly four-snack box. To address some of the negative reviews:

- Snacks: they're great. They taste good, the ingredients are interesting, and they are always different. You can see and rate them all on the website and nix the stuff you don't like or request more of the stuff you do.

- Customer service: some of the best I've dealt with, so I really don't know what the other reviewers are talking about. Not all of my boxes have been perfect -- once the snack seemed underfilled, once I got a repeat -- but their reps always make it right. Not only that, they will get back in touch with you in a matter of hours or even minutes (we just exchanged eight emails within an hour and a half to resolve a missing box; thanks David!).

- Price: $6 for four snacks delivered to my house is fine with me. Yes, you could go buy granola and dried fruit from your grocery store for less, but you won't find the same variety there.

- Cancellation: it's really easy. Orders, Manage Recurring Order, More Options, Cancel This Order. And you are charged the week before the box will be delivered (i.e. when it is being prepared and shipped), no earlier."

- Evan S. 7/25/15

"I just received my 6th box and I can honestly say that so far I'm loving Graze. I really like the portion controlled snack packs and the weekly delivery to my office has been very convenient since I often find that I'm in need of a small snack late in the day.

I have really enjoyed almost all of the snacks that I've received thus far (they are quite yummy), and the ones I didn't enjoy I am able to select "Trash" on their site so I will never receive those items again in a future box. I also trashed all the snacks that I knew I wouldn't like when I placed the order for my free box. This way I never received a snack I wasn't interested in at least trying.

I had no issues signing up. I thought it was very clear that by signing up for the free box I was also signing up for recurring weekly or bi-weekly shipments (I chose weekly). I also like that I can suspend shipments if I know I will be away and can resume delivery once I return. I haven't tried cancelling since I am currently enjoying my subscription, so I can't offer any insight into the process."

- Eileen S.6/29/15

"I've been with Graze for two years and they have been brilliant.

This week my box failed to turn up. Despite being a loyal customer for two years, I was still required to pay 50% of the value of the goods I had not received.

I know of no other internet firm that actually charges you for something you haven't got.

Not impressed with the customer service."

- Louise 6/19/15

"First box was free. Okay. One thing was worth eating. The rest was crap. I contacted them about how unhappy i was that only ONE thing was worth eating. I asked if i could JUST get that one thing. They said no.
I told them at that time i wasn't happy and didn't want to continue. They said to cancel online. I updated my address just in case I came back, cancelled. They shipped out a box to the old address then the rude customer service pretty much told me tough shit. No refund.
I'll dispute through the bank. Shit company and not worth it."

- Danae A. 5/29/15

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