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GreenChef Reviews

GreenChef offers fresh organic ingredients.Healthy, flavorful meals. Right at your doorstep.

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Jennifer O. posted on 4/16/2014

"I just found out about this website off of facebook, got my 2 free meals I have must admit I am very impressed with the quality of the food."

Tom P. posted on 9/22/2014

"What I never liked about these new meal a day delivery services was the over use of rice and noodles in their dishes. Anyone can make pasta and have it be cheap. Green Chef has mostly vegetables and healthy meats making it a superior choice."

Mary B. posted on 3/6/2015

"I tried out plated and was sad they didn't only use organic ingredients. Other companies also don't only use organic. Green chef is the same price and organic so this for me was a no brainer to switch to them."

Karen V. posted on 3/10/2015

"I recently tried three, 2-person meal kits from Green Chef and loved it!!! You view the weekly menu and select when you want to start delivery. Everything is organic which makes it even better!!! A box arrived with On-trac and contained 3 recipe cards..with photos....and all the food for each of the three meals clearly labeled. All I needed to do was cook and enjoy. The meals were great and not something I would whip up on my own. I am a fan!!!"

Cchi B. posted on 3/10/2015

"Supposed to be food for 6 meals.... not. 3 meals for light eaters. My husband laughed. Wtf is Chorizo Seitan? Not meat! The ginger piece was too small to peel. The chicken thighs one weighed 2 ounces and the other weighed 3 before cooking! Flavorless. Gross."

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