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Acquired by Nordstrom in March 2011, HauteLook is a place where you’ll discover thousands of the top fashion and lifestyle brands at amazing savings. Each day at 8 AM Pacific, shop new sale events featuring the best names in women’s and men’s fashion and accessories, beauty, kids’ apparel and toys, and home décor at up to 75% off. Membership is free and everyone is welcome.

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"This place is amazing. They have home furnishings, women's clothing, men's clothing, great deals on beautiful jewelry, holiday gifts, organizational pieces and more..also Nordstrom Rack shopping. The reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because the shoes they sell (their own line too, Sole Addiction), doesn't have wide shoes often. Sole Addiction not at all. They are middlemen so the merchandise is drop shipped from elsewhere. So it takes from two weeks to 3 or more to arrive at your house. This is the trade off for being so inexpensive!! I have purchased many many times from them, and it's never taken longer than that. They have a great return policy. Just call or return to Nordstrom Rack. Don't let anyone tell u different. )). I bought a brand necklace for hundreds less, half the price, iPhone charger for $70, when the stores sell them for $100, and so much more..the foreign material, like skirts, might have strong smell, I'd steer clear..I buy throughout the year, and save merchandise for bday and Holiday gifts. Hello Kitty's there frequently. I have 2 nieces that love that. Hsppy blessed Holidays...enjoy."

- Livinout L.11/30/14

"I like to buy items from HL, but given the poor descriptors in terms of size on clothing, I sometimes need to return clothing items.Anyway, I'm in Canada and the process can take 1-2 months before getting a refund, which is excessive given returns to GILT and MyHabit take much less time.

It is frustrating to wait for a refund as items apparently need to be shipped to California.

I still do not understand why it takes 1-2 months.This aspect seriously makes me question purchases.

Hautelook is good for prices and sales, but seriously *** for returns in the event you don't want your purchase."

- anonymous 11/7/14
"Wonderful store and great, quality merchandise. I have been ordering from HauteLook for the last year, and only had one item arrive in less than perfect condition. Of course they paid return shipping and gave me a refund for that item. But almost everything is high quality at a great price. When and if you do have a problem, they have the best customer service of any of the sites. They have live chat and handle it with courtesy and respect. I have used several of these sites that have daily deals, and Hautelook is my absolute favorite as far as quality and reliability.

RueLaLa is a close second. I've also ordered from Ideeli -- they shipped really fast, and I liked the price / quality of what was ordered. Two sites that I would NOT recommend are Modnique and Zulily. Zulily takes forever to ship, and the quality is not very good. About half of the items I have ordered from there are defective. Modnique is the absolute worst. They have totally ripped me off. I ordered 3 items, and 2 arrived with defects (the first, a coat, had a huge stain on it -- the 2nd, a replacement coat, had a burn in it. I finally got a refund, but it took 2 months. And they didn't want to refund the stained coat, saying that they saw nothing wrong with it. It was so clearly stained!) Now, I am waiting on a pair of shoes I ordered from Modnique with the credit they finally gave me for the stained coat (jerks wouldn't credit my credit card). I ordered the shoes 6 weeks ago, and they were supposed to be shipped no later than 2 weeks ago. We'll see if I ever get them. I will never order anything from them again!"

- Georgiagirl23 2/13/14

"First encounter is a real letdown. Saw some ads on TV and thought I would browse. But first thing is you must create an account and sign in before you can even browse this site. This will put a crimp in their business. Then I see the site is owned by Nordstrom - they only want stupid rich folks only interested in status and too dumb to shop for value anyway...."

- dkram 1/14/14

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