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Team Express Distributing, LLC. is a distributor of sporting goods and athletic equipment, footwear and apparel. It markets through its Team Express Distributing, LLC. catalogs, its retail store in San Antonio, TX and its online store via the Internet. The company started in 1990 has been dedicated to providing fanatical customer service and ease of shopping to the baseball and softball players who demand the best performance products at reasonable prices. is a retail store specializing in all things baseball and softball. It stocks everything from equipment and accessories to apparel and footwear.

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"If I could, I would give a 0 rating. I ordered a bat and an Under Armour shirt. Only the bat arrived, even though I was charged for both. I called their Customer Service number. Their message says they are "experiencing computer issues". I sat on hold for over an hour before hanging up. Next day sat on hold for over 2 hours before hanging up. Next day sat on hold for 3 hours before hanging up. I never got to the top of the hold que. I also sent 3 emails - never got a response. I finally ended up calling VISA and filing a credit card charge dispute for the cost of the shirt. There are better, easier places to order baseball stuff. Baseball Express is a sham."

- Linda T. 5/19/15

"I am utterly discussed with this company and its ‘Customer Service’. I have been hold for 55 minutes just to ask a question about an order that might or might not ship on the 13th. Today is the 1st – I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED THE ORDER! Today I have spent over ten minutes now on the phone with Customer Service and the phone is just ringing and ringing….what a joke. I will NEVER use this company again. I will post as much bad publicity about this company and how it treats its customers as I possibly can within the guidelines of the law. My name is Gary Farr and I am fed up!"

- farr_gary 4/1/15

"I have been on hold for over 8 hours now!!! I am beyond my limits today with this company!!! They need to change the automated part to we do not care about our customers!!! We would rather you just wait. Now for me this is a matter of principle!!!"

- bfarley 3/17/15

"Please, do yourself a favor and stay far away from this business. They have had "Customer Service Software Issues" for more than a month now. I ordered a bat for my son's birthday (promise of two day shipping) and it took 23 days to arrive, missing the birthday deadline. I couldn't even cancel the order because the rep told me their software would not allow it.
I am still waiting now for a month on a credit for returned cleats - Do yourself a favor and order anywhere else. In trying to resolve my problems I had to wait on hold to talk to customer service. The last two times I called, I had to wait in line with more than 50+ other people....Both times 50+ minutes on hold.

Horrible experience. The managers/owners need to understand what a disaster their business is right now."

- Colin D. 3/15/15

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