Hayneedle Reviews – Is It The Best Choice for Home?

Hayneedle Reviews

Hayneedle, an everything-home e-retailer, is a leading company that offers home furnishings, outdoor, and garden furniture as well as Baby Swings products by top brands, fitness equipment, pet supplies, and others. You can also find games and toys like dart boards, foosball tables, and pinball tables there.

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Real Customer Reviews

Lisa H. posted on 1/20/2014

"I ordered a table and chair set for my twin girls. It arrived on time in perfect condition. Easy assembly; the finished product exceeded expectations and has held up well under daily use for 2 years. Great durable paint job in garden motif with embossed designs. I am back to the site to look for more great finds."

Karen C. posted on 11/18/2014

"Not bad actually. I ordered a room divider from them. It arrived on time. A day later my roommate had temper tantrum and punched a hole in it. I called Hayneedle and told them that it fell down and broke (lie). They fell for it and sent me a new one free of charge. :)"

Uda W. posted on 1/15/2015

"I ordered new cushions for my Papasan chair and footstool and a couple of days later I got an email letting me know that the footstool material will be different than the Papasan cushion material ( I didn't realize this) and they asked me if this was okay. Customer service then followed up with a phone call about my order and helped me get the right order together.

I haven't had this level of customer service in years ! Not sure where the negative reviews are coming from but either those reviewers are just complainers or the company took complaints to heed and have stepped up their service, but I will definitely order from them again!"

Justine M. posted on 3/29/2015

"I ordered a telescope bundle from a hayneedle website. I did a lot of research on telescopes before ordering, and they had the best prices online. The website said that it would likely arrive 3 days after ordering. I could've gotten free shipping (I spent a lot) but for an extra $5 I opted to recieve it faster. My order was shipped the very next day and I received it on the date that they said it would arrive.
The telescope and accessories that I ordered were very well packaged. No damage at all and exactly as described. I was impressed and grateful that they were so careful with it.
I will definitely be ordering more accessories from them and I highly recommend."

Mark. posted on 5/15/2015

"I was very impressed! I was overwhelmed with the options and didn't have time to sort through all your choices. I will definitely be back before I purchase anywhere else."

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