HelloFresh Reviews – Is Subscription Food Delivery Worth the Money?

HelloFresh Reviews

Every week you can pick from delicious recipes and HelloFresh will send them to you with the exact ingredients. With HelloFresh, anyone can cook!

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Barbara J. posted on 5/19/2014

"The meals are very good and easy to make. My only gripe is that sometimes I want to repeat a dish and then I can't just order that specific meal. I wish I could pick from a selection of meals."

Stacy T. posted on 2/19/2015

"Every day I try to cut down on the amount of work I do and spend more time with family. Hellofresh allows me to not shop, think about dinner and just cook. It is so much more enjoyable than having to struggle with dinner. You have to try it for at least a month to really get in the groove of this and realize how it changes your life."

Paula P. posted on 3/3/2015

"Unless you have never cooked a thing in your life, this isn't worth the cost. There's not a good selection for your meals (they give you 5 options and you choose 3). Of the 3 meals I had, one was good, one was inedible and got thrown away because it tasted so gross (BBQ sauce made of ketchup and vinegar, really?) and one was just so so. I could buy the ingredients for a fourth the cost at the grocery store. I guess if you've literally never touched a pan before this might be useful but why not download a recipe from the internet and then go to the store?"

Hamish B. posted on 3/16/2015

"I was enticed by the 1/2 price first box deal, so I thought I'd give hellofresh a shot.
Even at half price it was a disappointing amount of groceries, I could buy the same at Aldi for $25 no problems, and it would take Jesus to get 6 meals out of its contents!

The customer service was equally poor, despite me cancelling the minute I opened my first box (10:00 monday night) they still insisted on charging me for next Monday's delivery?! These guys are hopeless, and I now have to go through the office of Fair Trading to contest the $70 for the delivery that I never wanted, and could not even use as I was away. If you really want to order groceries just use Coles or Woolies and order what you will actually use."

Bix B. posted on 3/28/2015

"I signed up for Hello Fresh a month or two ago (with the $40 off the first order coupon) and I've been getting the meals ever since. I'm surprised to see all the negative reviews on here. Granted, I have not tried to cancel, so I can't speak to that, but up to now my deliveries have been consistently on time and the quality of the food has been very high. Also, while I don't have experience with cancellation, it is very easy to turn the service off if you are away on vacation or just want to take a break for whatever reason.

I mostly use it because I'm very bad at buying perishable foods in excess (usually to make a particular recipe) and then wasting money when it goes bad. So, for me, this is worth the money. For others probably not. You're definitely paying for the convenience ... but it's fairly reasonable (the meat and fish alone would probably run about $30+, so $65 isn't terribly pricey). I have found the recipes to be consistently good, sometimes excellent. Some are better than others, but I haven't experienced a bad one yet (certainly nothing inedible, as one past reviewer wrote, but I guess we all have different tastes). You don't get a ton of choice about your meals for the week, but I'm not picky so I enjoy taking whatever comes, and they do a pretty good job of keeping the meals varied."

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