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Since 1981, family-owned Holabird Sports has offered a wide selection of everything you need for running, tennis, squash and racquetball. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or a serious athlete, you will discover over 2000 styles of shoes, including running, walking, tennis, indoor court, CrossFit and more. Customers can get whatever they need from high-performance GPS sport watches to a huge variety of sports nutrition items, from high-tech sports clothing options to armbands, packs and hydration bottles.

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Real Customer Reviews

"The process was great! I usually ship online orders to an aunt's address in another city for convenience. I had never had a company call me to verify a purchase because of a different shipping address. That was awesome!"

- Lucky71lucky71 8/7/15

"I came across Holabird Sports looking for a particular pair of running shoes and was very happy when they were available at Holabird at a very reasonable price. Assuming the fit is correct, I assume I will be very happy with my purchase."

- Bob 8/4/15

"I see that a lot of people here are having issues with ordering online, and get the wrong product from them. Holabird sports have been around here for over 27 years. They used to have the problem of sending you the wrong color of shoes if the ones you're ordering is out of stock. Back then the policy is, take it, and no return.

Now, it's better on the online ordering, but sizing seems to be an issue for many folks. So far, I have ordered a few pair of "tennis" shoes online, and pick up at the store, since I lived rather close by. If there is a problem, I can address it with them right there. The showroom staff and the mailing ordering staff are 2 different groups of people. Showroom staff are rather nice, and I have been there a few times, they all seems to know me by first name already. That said, I never had a problem there. In fact, I actually have played some tennis with those guys.

However, the owner is the really pain. Sometimes he will be at the showroom, and act like a complete fool to the customers. And now it seems he's son is working there after college now, let's see if he will run the store to the ground."

- Jake L. 2/2/15

"Atrocious Customer Service
1. They are 2 days late with a shipment ( I have a flight to leave the country for a few months) that is why I allowed for the extra day
2. I call their customer service and they say it will arrive a day earlier, just before my flight
3. I call UPS and they say that the information I got was a lie and in no way would it get their the day before
4. I call them the say this and explain to them how angry I am for wasting my time and they don't accept responsibility for messing this up.

In conclusion, their incompetence causes them to be two days with a shipment, they waste hours of my time trying to fix their problem and they lie to me....

Seriously.... wth is going on here...."

- Jeffrey 5/14/14

"Beware. I don't know where all the good reviews came from. I placed an order on Nov 13, they immediately placed an authorization on my Paypal account for $159. Today is the 26th, still no shoes and the money still held. I called their customer service phone number and they say there is an issue with my Paypal account (which is not true). Then I asked them to release the money they have held on Paypal. Their answer is they cannot do it. So, no shoes, no money back till the authorization expires on the 3rd. Most likely, the problem is they are advertising shoes they don't have in stock at very low prices, so you will probably never get them. The old saying applies here "if it is too good to be true probably isn't" Shop somewhere else."

- Phil 11/26/13

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