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The Horchow Collection is a mail-order retailing empire that specializes in home decoration items of different styles and brands. Many home items are available including funiture, bedding, decor, bath, lighting, tabletop and more. With their good prices, strong customer service, excellent services, wide selection and outlet section with great sale prices, you will become a fan of Horchow.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I have only had great experiences with Horchow. Once I ordered a bunch of glasses. One broke. They told me to keep all of them, and they'd send out another box. They did! I recently ordered an amazing pendant lamp - So gorgeous. Way better than the photo."

- BecBowman 3/26/15

"Without a doubt the worst company I have every encounter. I will spend my dying breath urging potential customers to avoid this third world hiding in the shadow of service. After 6 replacement chairs a crushed chest and a debit and credit system know one could possibly understand I will have to review one year of orders looking for over chargers. Please shop at Good Will."

- anonymous 2/19/15

"If I could give zero stars I would! I paid over $200 for a console to be delivered to my home in Utah. I was supposed to receive white glove delivery service. My table was brought out in a pick-up truck in a box and dumped in my garage. My husband had to set it up. I contacted CS and told them what had happened. They apologized and said they would refund half of the shipping cost. I thought that was the end of it. The next day (this REALLY happened), I receive an email from the CS rep, telling me Utah does not have white glove delivery service and I was never entitled to it in the first place! WTH! Again, I told her that was what I had paid for. After speaking to another CS rep and a manager, still no rectification. They told me they are not even ALLOWED to bring the item in the house in Utah. I have never heard of such a thing!! What a scam!!"

- Melanie R. 8/6/14

"If I could give less than Eek!, I would (my comments relate to shopping on line with NM and Horchow). What a colossal waste of my time between not enough information on their site AND with their product reps, long waits for information; then getting inaccurate information several times over, then finally get what I needed (simple - seat height), the chair was gone and couldn't be ordered. This has happened to me more than once with them, but this was the final straw so am reviewing here and other places, unliking and unsubscribing. Horchow and Neimans - please get your customer act together - your customers will be happier and you will make more money - simple business school 101!"

- Justice F. 5/28/14

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