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Hotels is a leading provider of hotel accommodation worldwide, offering booking services through its own network of localized websites and telephone call centers. It gives travellers one of the widest selections of accommodation on the net, including both independent and major chain hotels as well as self-catering in over &TotalHotelCount-Rounded; properties worldwide. The company offers a one-stop shopping source for hotel pricing, amenities and availability and also specializes in providing travelers with accommodation during sold-out periods.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I think the service is great every time it is also very convenient and fast. I will definitely use them again."

- aybunny07 6/3/15

"I booked online for a hotel near Albany NY. When the confirmation page came up the dates were wrong and I was charged $900.00 on my credit card! I called customer service. They told me the dates I wanted at that hotel were not available and offered another hotel. Then gave me the wrong number of beds and charged my credit card another $170.00. One thousand dollars and I still did not have a hotel room that I needed!!! Refund? “Sorry. No cancellation policy in effect.” When I called customer service to complain they told me I was not being "professional" on the line. These people need to be out of business. Never again."

- Ilze 5/29/15

"Provided a tiered rate in which first night started at $125 per night and by the weekend it was $189 per night. I was fine with that as we were staying in San Francisco at the Hilton. Unfortunately the confirmation does not reflect the "tiered rate" and we never got the benefit of the lower rate. They charge the same for each night - $189. While this is a fair rate for the City -- it still was an unethical business practice to advertise the lower rate. I would have had to "print screen" the lower rate. No help from customer service.

I would not use this service again."

- Dee T. 5/26/15

"I paid for and reserved a room for my husband for Christmas to go to a sporting event with our sons, 5 months prior to needing it. When he went to check in there was no record of this purchase even though he had the receipt and confirmation number. The hotel was very nice and gave him and my sons a room, but not close to the accommodations for which I had paid. He ended up sleeping in a chair. To me this is fraud! I will never use this again!"

- Lynn T. 5/10/15

" booked me at the Grand Canyon Inn instead of the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, which is 100 miles away. When I called to cancel my reservation, refused to issue a refund due to their mistake and was rude to me on the phone."

- kpcondon 3/17/15

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