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MicroCenter is a computer, electronics, and accessories retailer, presenting a wide range of branded products taken straight from the manufacturers. There are 25 Micro Center stores nationwide in 16 states. They carry more than 30,000 computer and computer related products, where you can also find many brand names include companies such as Hewlett Packard, Toshiba, Apple, Sony and many more.


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"Everything worked well, however, the website incorrectly listed the power supply as having 2X 6 pin cables when it only had one, which forced me to drive an extra 40 miles just to return it for a new one and to go home. Please make sure your information is up to date on your website since you don't ship products."

- mrlasvegas421 6/8/15

"I tried calling them before hand to check stock, but no one picked up after it was ringing for 20 times.

So I just drove there. Turns out they had 10+ of the RAM I was looking for in stock after this an employee went to check in the back.

Nevertheless, I thought it was odd how after he found the RAM and I verified I wanted to purchase it, he had to go back in the back to add a plastic hard cover on it. I understand the security purpose, but that alone took 5-10 minutes of waiting.

And then I just went to the checkout in 30 seconds and the plastic hard cover was taken off.. ha."

- Daniel J. 5/2/15

"Ah MicroCenter. For those who have never heard of a Microcenter, it is basically Disneyland for any DIY PC builders and a awesome place to shop in general as well.

To the PC builders who read this, it is basically a brick-and-mortar Newegg.

To everyone, think BestBuy, but with employees who aren't sweating for some reason and actually know what on Earth they are talking about.

The one thing that is best about the microcenter chain is that they are VERY competitive with pricing, and unlike bestbuy, they charge the same as amazon or newegg and in many cases, lower.

If you are getting an Intel CPU, they have some crazy in store only deals. Aka an i7 4790k for $249 as of writing this.

They have Mobos, GPUs, CPUS, coolers, cases, adruinos, hard drive refurb up the wazoo and everything else you could possibly want and many things you may not want."

- Jordan S. 2/21/15

"I was on the cell phone for over 3 hours with the MI store & all they would do is pick the phone up and hang it back up again.I finally called the Dallas store only to find out I couldn't a Micro Center gift card for my son.

I explained to them that their web site does not have a place where you can purchase a gift card and I explained to them that I have a broken pelvis and leg so obviously could not go to the store. They still said no. Bad store!!!!

At Christmas time expecially they should be more customer friendly.I will now always go to Best Buy."

- anonymous 12/11/14

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