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Sally Beauty Supply Reviews

As one of the world’s largest retailers of affordable beauty products, Sally Beauty Supply is dedicated to providing customers with the best name brand hair care and cosmetic merchandise. Sally Beauty Supply offers over 7,000 professional quality products, including cosmetics, perfume, cologne, skin care, makeup, hair products and more.

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Real Customer Reviews

Brian D. posted on 1/6/2014

"This place has a really large selection of shampoos so I went when my dermatologist suggested a particular hypo-allergenic one and Yes! They had it. If you live in Campbell this is cool spot as it's geographically close to almost everything in this fair little town!
I got a discount for quantity as well and would go back for hygiene or hair related items if or when needed.I recommend."

Abee S. posted on 3/27/2015

"This place always has the best deals! Just last week, I got an eye shadow, 2 eye liners, and a nail polish all for under $4! There are always sales like this going on...make-up, hair color and styling tools, nail polish. Just awesome."

Saskia V. posted on 4/18/2015

"Great prices and great selection. Love the Ion hair products."

Amelia W. posted on 5/15/2015

"Amazing! I can't believe I have ever went there before. I am never gonna come back food store or walmart to buy hair products ever again. Big sale! I got a bottle creme for my curly hair supposedly for 4.89 sale. A employee came to me and help. She told get one get one free. So I got two of them. I went to cashier and ended up, she charge me 3.80 for two bottles of creme!!!!!!! What a save!!! BEST STORE. Thanks, ladies! You all are fabulous."

lexibug. posted on 5/23/2015

"I absolutely am disappointed!! I went to dye my hair a lavender but!!! We bought the developer the hair dye and the bleach . Bleach came out fine but the hair color NO! they gave us the wrong developer that had peroxide in it and the hair color cant be used with peroxide .... Are you serious ! Like the staff should know these things about hair !!!! All the money we spent ($40) on hair supplies turned to being worthless because of the staff who should know their own job ! "

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