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Fotolia Reviews

Fotolia is the world’s biggest online market place, where professional designer, manager, presenter, small business owner or student can buy and share the royalty free images and illusions. As an online store of millions of royalty free stock photographs, Fotolia not only offers quality photos, but they also provide customers with affordable, royalty-free images, graphics and HD videos.

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Real Customer Reviews

kai g. posted on 4/24/2013

"I have bought a subscription plan presented in way to download 25 high-res photos in one month. When I proceeded to checkout they asked me to buy credits for about 500USD to be able to download. Scam and total rip-off!"

Vadym D. posted on 7/30/2013

"I've tried to buy image here once. -50$. I could not download any file, I could not get a refund. They said it was technical problem. Hope you die, fotolia."

Javi F. posted on 4/21/2014

"Coolest prices compared to similar sites that charge a lot. Fotolia is great."

sue t. posted on 2/2/2015

"include the really nice stuff, you have to buy extra credits to download those. Thing that drives me crazy about this dumb site is the pop ups on roll over - it's like watching popcorn "pop". I have to shop pictures to complete my projects and after 10 minutes on this site, it's enough to give you a seizure from all the image pop ups. It's terrible! I've complained to them but they're pretty much, that's the way it is.

If you have a choice, the price might be nice but the you end up paying a lot extra with the annoyance factor - I mean a lot, all the artists hate it already. Think when we're up to renew again I'm a big thumbs down on this one."

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