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Newegg is a leading online retailer committed to becoming the most loved and trusted marketplace on the web. They tirelessly pursue these goals by offering a superior shopping experience, rapid delivery and stellar customer service.

With more than 10.5 million products and an award-winning website, Newegg proudly earns the loyalty of tech-enthusiasts and mainstream e-shoppers alike. They equip customers with state-of-the-art decision-making resources such as detailed product information, “how-to’s,” over 3 million customer reviews and high-resolution photo galleries. They also believe service truly begins after the product you ordered arrives at your doorstep. Newegg team of service associates are available via phone, e-mail and online chat to help ensure your utmost satisfaction.

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Real Customer Reviews

deokishiisu. posted on 12/9/2014

"Newegg has come forward with great customer service in light of the holiday issues many people are experiencing. I, for one ordered a few parts to a computer which I'm building for a relative for as a Christmas gift. I ordered many parts, yet only received a case. After plenty of time on the live chat, waiting for an e-mail response, etc, I decided to call Newegg instead. The man who was on the other end of the line completely understood my situation the second I told him the problem and gave him my account number. A very knowledgeable person, I was able to simply refer to items as "the power supply" or "the motherboard" and he would know which part. It doesn't take much to understand, but I've dealt with plenty of companies' support centers who had no idea what kind of products they were dealing with. After about 5 minutes total on hold, (throughout the entire call) my case was settled, I was going to be updated via e-mail as soon as new information was available regarding my claim, and new parts will be shipped out to me as soon as possible. I am very, very pleased with the effort that was put forth in resolving my issue."

A.non.mouse. posted on 12/9/2014

"I just want to say that I have had now 2 very exceptional customer service experiences with In both of these instances they have given me exceptional customer service, apparently in response to my being a loyal longtime customer. My latest experience was with a representative who went above and beyond what he had to do to help me with an issue. I returned a monitor for a defect that it had, but had shipped it in a box with the wrong UPC; it was the box I had had for another monitor of the same type (I had, since my purchase, recycled the original box). Newegg could not themselves be reimbursed by the manufacturer for this defective monitor without the original box with the UPC that matched the serial number for the unit that I had RMAed, and therefore their policy stated that they could not exchange the unit and that they would only ship it back to me, but that I could then send it to the manufacturer and have them replace the defective unit. I was worried that I would have the same issue with the manufacturer that I had had with, so the representative personally contacted the manufacturer and put one of their people on a conference call with us and that person assured me that I could have the unit replaced by the manufacturer, after shipped it back to me and I then shipped it to the manufacturer. paid for the shipping on this unit, both from me back to them and from them again to me, and the manufacturer said that they will pay for the shipping to and from them. Given the policies of and the requirements of them from the manufacturer for to get reimbursed for the defective unit, the representative I dealt with, who's name is Henry, went to great lengths to reassure me that I would be able to receive a working unit of this monitor. I am and will remain a loyal and valuable customer."

Bill K. posted on 12/6/2014

"I am writing this update with an improvement in rating. I spoke to Newegg customer service again. The first agent I spoke with was absolutely no help whatsoever. However being patient and persistent I asked to speak with a supervisor. After waiting for about 15 minutes I was finally put in touch with one. The supervisor was a tremendous help in finding a solution to my problem. I will continue to shop at NewEgg however I am only upgrading to 4 stars only because I shouldn't have had to go to a supervisor to get this issue corrected."

Zach O. posted on 11/17/2014

"I am modifying my previous 1 star review, as Newegg has made good on the issue.

I received a faulty Asus motherboard (my own damn fault for buying refurbished). The fault in the motherboard shorted out my CPU, so here I am...out about $350 bucks.

I originally complained about this to Newegg and was told the products were not eligible for a refund, and I would have to RMA the gear. Not a huge issue, but the RMA process takes about 2 weeks and I've already had to RMA a couple other pieces to this puzzle. I'm way behind on my build.

After a short discussion with a customer service supervisor I have been refunded fully for my products and have purchased new gear, which should be here in a couple days.

So if you're patient and you have a problem, Newegg's customer service will worked with you and make it right.

That being said, you're just not going to find better deals than newegg. It seems like no matter where you look, Newegg's prices are lower. They've got Black Friday deals for the entire month of November, and typically their shipping department is crazy fast. I ordered my replacement gear at noon, got an email saying it'd shipped an hour later.

I am very satisfied with Newegg, and will definitely continue to shop here."

Calvin C. posted on 10/30/2014

"Rolled in here a couple of minutes after 3 PM. There was not a lot of people out and about today down that part of town. Then again, it seems like the whole place is near a bunch of distribution centers for other companies.

It's kind of funny that the Newegg Hybrid store is basically a pick up center, RMA return center, AND a place for you to look at some of the tech as is. Yes, it's like stepping into a mini Best Buy.

Anyways, I found the workers to be pleasant and pretty nice. Service was quick as they grabbed the order that I will-called and also took my RMA equipment back.

No shipping? No problem. No hassle. No fuss.

I actually really liked it and I even scored some free Newegg swag! They gave me a notebook and a glowstick. Not bad!"

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