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LivingSocial Reviews – How Is Internet Marketing Services at Living Social?

LivingSocial Reviews

LivingSocial is an online marketplace that allows clients to buy and share things to do in their city. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., LivingSocial now has more than 70 million members around the world.

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Real Customer Reviews

ingrid76. posted on 10/3/2014

"I purchase 2 set of sheets from Living Social they mailed it to a different address they will not refund my money***** :{ Do not buy from Living Social******they are Scammer "

Melanie R. posted on 4/29/2015

"Never had a issue with them customer service wise. Anytime I had a problem they solved it ASAP! :)"

marisela m. posted on 5/7/2015

"Great deals,I've visited places I never had before because of there great deals."

Maryanne M. posted on 5/27/2015

"I've gotten some good deals on salon treatments and yoga but that's about it. I remember the good 'ol days when there were some trips I wanted to book but I never got a chance to. Hope I can catch one of those again. Overall, I check Living Social just in case there's something I might like, but I don't expect to be wow'ed"

rdbw. posted on 5/31/2015

"This is my second review. After writing to customer service many times, and after having written a damning review (my first), Living Social did refund what I paid for my order. Therefore I want to amend what I wrote, to say that they do honour their orders eventually, and that the crap they bring in from China may arrive many weeks later, but don't hold your breath. The young man who fields these e-mails has to have a thick skin because it's not his fault that screw-ups occur. "

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