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Bookit is an online travel company determined and dedicated to becoming the leader in providing travelers with the most intuitive online booking experience full of relevant information and helpful reviews. Bookit offers travel planning, it is dedicated to providing cost-conscious vacationers with the most intuitive online booking experience. You can find accurate information about hotels, flights, cruise, car rental, popular destination and so on as well take advantage of their tips and advice section.

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"I booked a trip, but couldn't recall what type of room I selected. I was able to call the toll free number and speak with a person within 3 minutes. From the , the operator was able to go over my reservation with me and add notes to make my future check in easier."

- Tiffany 6/2/15

"I love!!! It allows me to search the best vacation hotels on ONE website. The payment options are wonderful, which offers flexibility regarding payment method. All my vacations are booked through this site.....Most of all I trust the reviews/ratings concerning properties."

- condohappy 5/31/15

"Okay it takes some work and its a little bit pricier but you can't beat the 12 month-18 month 0% interest fee! Me and my husband went on a week long, all inclusive preferred club vacay to Cabo san lucas and we only paid about 100 bucks a month to pay it off in the time allowed! It came out to a little under 1200$ It was beautiful and worth every penny! I do see a lot of bad reviews but i promise if you just double check every bit of info in front of you then you should be fine! Its all there in black and white! I have never used bookit without paypal credit (which used to be billmelater) so i cant vouch for the other payment options but as for this i highly recommend it!"

- Rachelle Ferguson S. 3/23/15

"My family of four arrived early enough at the check in, American Airlines ticket counter, They showed no record of our reservation after I confirmed two separate times the day before.We missed our flight.

The American agents were not helpful. We finally arrived at our desired resort. They informed us they were over booked. Sent us to a sister resort.

This resort was a two star verses the Five star which we chose. Nothing against children. Just didn't want to be around them for our vacation. There were also many other inferior amenities.

Yes, We got screwed.

Thanks Book It.We wont be using you again."

- anonymous 1/3/15

"I booked a hotel through bookit and after my purchase was completed I stumbled upon a bunch of negative reviews which severely concerned me. My stay was only a month away so I let it go and crossed my fingers for the best once I arrived at the hotel. Bookit sent them all the information they needed and it was smooth sailing my entire stay. Not only did I get a great deal, but there were no issues. I'll definitely book through them again."

- Jayson D. 5/4/14

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