Spreadshirt Reviews – How Is Your Shirt from Spreadshirt?

Spreadshirt Reviews

SpreadShirt is a leading creative platform for custom t-shirts and custom clothing, where you can design and customize their t-shirt on the site itself. Spreadshirt’s outlet allows customers to sort items by price so that it’s easy to find the best deals quickly.

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Real Customer Reviews

Ige r. posted on 7/19/2014

"I ordered a hoodie back in January from one of the stores and stupidly waited for weeks before my father realized they had cancelled the order and hadn't even sent an email. When we contacted the store to get the order moving, they told us we had to make the order again, and wait like two weeks for it to get here. We weren't charged for the failed order, but I never got my hoodie.

Now I went to another store and bought a similar hoodie, it already reached my friends house and she said it looks good. I haven't seen it, because Spreadshirt doesn't deliver to my country, so I can't say much about it...

Though they delivered the order pretty quickly, I really hate that I need to bother my friend because there is no alternative to deliver to Chile."

jahlani clarke. posted on 7/23/2014

"The experience was great."

Ronda-J. posted on 9/28/2014

"My only complaint would be a way to easily correct any errors. I had placed my order late on a Friday night. Immediately after placing the order, I realized a typo. I sent out an email, both through the site and through my confirmation of my order. Concerned if it would be received, I saw that corrections could be easily made if I set up an account. I did that, but I guess since it was done after the fact, it did not show any orders. The following week, I received an email stating the item was being processed. To my relief, it showed the correction made, however, when I received the item, it was still incorrect! I sent another email advising of the error, and was told that items that are being processed cannot have changes made! After a few more emails, the problem was rectified satisfactorily. For that reason, I would recommend this company, Both times the item came promptly."

Chris D. posted on 11/6/2014

"They got my order the second time right and I'm happy. Decent prices for being able to customize your own shirts. My only wish is that the tank top option was available for more styles. I don't like the muscle t-shirts as much as the men's tank tops."

Mbb5. posted on 5/29/2015

"I paid the $40 expidited shipping to get shirts for my hubby's bday here on time. I'm from Canada and ordered it from spreadshirt.ca not the .com us site. Not only is it late but I had to pay an extra $29.43 to get it released from customs. Customer service wasn't great & I still have no idea where my order is. "

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