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iBuyPower Reviews

iBUYPOWER symbolizes several key beliefs: unity, strength, ambition, and perseverance. These are fundamental attributes of life inside and outside of gaming. You need them all to win. Leading the pack, iBUYPOWER is gaming, defined. So it’s no surprise that iBUYPOWER has become the leading source for people who resonate with these attributes in their lives and in the games they play. Gamers and performance enthusiasts trust us to care for them by providing exceptional products and services.

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Real Customer Reviews

David P. posted on 4/16/2014

"Hands down one of the best PC companies around right now. I buy for our business and have been customizing our orders from them."

Paul V. posted on 8/26/2014

"Let iBUYPOWER build your next computer if you want a Great One that Really Cooks! I've had dealings with their online tech support 3 times. Fantastic-knowledgeable-patient people. Thank God for good old fashioned Customer Service, no matter how scarce it is elsewhere."

Christi M. posted on 12/3/2014

"My mother ordered a computer from them on "cyber Monday" and called them two days later to ask when she'd receive an order/billing confirmation. Some guy named Steve answered the customer service line and told her it may be another week before she hears anything. When she expressed her concern about it not coming in time for Christmas, he told her she was asking too many questions so he's canceling her order, and then he hung up on her."

Mike C. posted on 2/12/2015

"I bought a custom rig from ibuypower and the graphics card didn't work. They sent me 2 replacements which still didn't work. Eventually I had to send back the entire pc for repair. When it returned it worked fine. Now it has been several months and all is good. At first I was hesitant to buy from them again but I think I will give them my recommendation. They were great about customer service and repairing everything."

Sarah K. posted on 4/30/2015

"I bought a computer from iBUYPOWER, a cute little Revolt. It felt pretty unisex and all my friends ask me about it all the time! I love smashing on my friends online, and this little bad boy pumps out extra frames help me navigate the battle field and crush people with my superior skills and online prowess. I'm a lady on the streets, but beast online... wait, what. yolo."

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