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Real Customer Reviews

Lisa D. posted on 3/2/2014

"Nobody I have found online can match Ice prices in terms of quality of the diamond and being a reputable place to buy diamond rings. I had the ring appraised just to make sure they were legit and it measured up against what I paid."

Charles C. posted on 9/28/2014

"Do not take your fiance to shop for a ring at a store, they will rip you off. Get her to pick out a style of ring and then buy it online at Ice for a better price."

jessykaren. posted on 10/30/2014

"All my previous experiences with have been great. Today i signed in into my account and use the chat, my question was not an easy one, but the representative, Todd Porter, researched on one of my orders, one from 2011, he ever emailed the manufactured for specific details on my ring, and got me an answer in less than 20 min. It really made me feel like appreciated. I will never forget, their customer service is outstanding. What a great day to start my day! "

katyklein. posted on 1/30/2015

"I was truly hesitant to purchase from I always search for company reviews before considering purchasing from them, and their reviews were not so good. I decided to give them a shot this holiday season. Their customer service was superb. I mean usually it is a mess for companies during the holidays, but they were so nice and the communication was great. I would recommend them."

Leona G. posted on 5/4/2015

"I had an experience with this company where my Groupon expired. The girls there at your company, specifically Tara and Gladys were so accommodating. They searched and searched for ways to make sure that I received my credit of $80. Any other company would happy just let it drop. People love going back to companies like yours because they know that if they made a mistake they can go back to you and you will help them and you are trustworthy. So let it be known I am giving you five stars"

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