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The INKED shop provides clothing, merchandise, home goods and artwork that reflect the brand and are available at the click of a mouse. The INKED shop offers a curated selection of INKED exclusive gear and styles from designers. Merchandise featured in the pages of INKED magazine can be found within the INKED shop, providing a seamless shopping experience from page to screen.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I haven't received my recent purchase but I have ordered from inked before and I am really satisfied by everything you guys have a lot of good products and a good variety. I would definitely order again as well as recommend you guys. Keep up the good work"

- Sarah R. 10/3/15

"A true Artistic Tattoo Shop. Amazing Artists, creating original pieces that grace the bodies of their clients. Comfortable setting with beautiful paintings and drawings hanging on the walls. Friendly group of Artists that will make your tattoo experience a memorable one in a positive light."

- Nick B. 8/20/15

"I am going to a beach party this Saturday and needed a new bikini bottom, I found the cute "Skipper" Bikini Bottom by Fables by Barrie (Black) on their website. I placed the order Sunday a week before, and chose express mail. It took them 2 days to email me, after having paid over $50 for a bikini bottom, they are out of stock, please wait 3-4 business days for the refund. If they had kept their website up to date on what IS in STOCK, I wouldn't have wasted my time and money! Now I have 3 days to find another one, and will probably not get it in time, and THESE PEOPLE are the reason why!!"

- Jessica P. 6/30/15

"Many of the daily Inked Shop emails offer interesting stuff, of which some items are interesting enough to cause me to look further - and once in a while purchase something. I'm not pleased with the shipping charges that are assessed, though, in that I feel too often that I'm paying extra to have multiple items shipped. If the item(s) are listed as charging "pro-rated" or "shared" shipping costs -- the totals are still often surprisingly high. I'd like either better rates (Hey, Inked Shop, make your profits on the items, not the shipping and "handling" charges) or lower prices to compensate for the extra shipping costs."

- Glenda G. 4/5/15

"Would never order from InkedShop again! Ordered a few items for Christmas. I received one tshirt with a hole in the armpit. Also never received a tank top I ordered. Contacted InkedShop and was told they would send a new tshirt to replace the one with the hole. 20 days later I'm still waiting. Also was told to track down the tank top that I never received since they shipped it and it was now with the post office. So basically paid $50 plus shipping for a tshirt with a hole and a tank top that's MIA!"

- Dena M. 1/31/15

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