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Inkjet Star Reviews sells new compatible and remanufactured hp laser toner cartridges and printer ink cartridges for Epson, Canon, HP, brother, Lexmark printers.

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Real Customer Reviews

Brooke A. posted on 5/16/2013

"I went to install my new ink cartridges and they exploded ink everywhere on opening (it was literally a violent spewing of ink). One of them did this and then didn't even fit my printer, despite what the website said. The black ones fit the printer, but the printer will not recognize there is a cartridge installed, even with the "trick" included with the ink of modifying the connector of the connection "pins". My wife opened the first one and being an IT person who works on printers I thought she opened it wrong or just squeezed the cheap cartridge too hard. I opened two of the three and had the exact same experience. I still don't know if my printer will work again.Needless to say there was ink all over my printer, clothes, skin, and carpet. The company is refunding me 50% of my order, but I just wanted to warn the world to buy better quality ink.I've had great experiences with ink refill services who have a physical storefront."

Cindy S. posted on 7/1/2014

"I had no reason to contact customer service so there is no rating. I ordered the cartridges as spares but if their ink is as good as their service and prices I'm passing their name to my friends."

Andrew L. posted on 8/15/2014

"Good service. Delivery options could be improved. $4.99 for delivery is too steep for $20 product"

Jack G. posted on 12/20/2014

"I couldn't be more happy with any company I've done business with, online or "brick and mortar." They tell me I should receive the ink cartridges in about 7 days, I get them in two or three days. What really earned my loyalty was one time, one of the cartridges leaked it's entire contents into it's protective bag and arrived that way. I called them, and they didn't even demand the defective one back. They sent me a replacement free of charge. Now THAT'S customer service! Inkjetstar is the only place I buy ink cartridges, and the only place I will ever buy them. And by the way, I use my printer for photos, and they come out beautifully. It is a pleasure for me to sing their praises when so often, other businesses sometimes forget how much customer service really means to people. I've recommended them to everyone I know."

Ronald S. posted on 8/2/2015

"Shipping cost was something new from the last time I ordered from them 2 years ago. I asked them about that and they ignored me. The product I ordered was delivered on time and in good condition."

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