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Restoration Hardware Reviews – How Is Your Home with Restoration Hardware?

Restoration Hardware Reviews

Restoration Hardware is an American home-furnishings company headquartered in Corte Madera, California. The company sells its merchandise offering through its retail stores, catalog and online. As of November 1, 2014, the Company operated a total of 59 galleries, 6 full line design galleries and 3 Baby & Child galleries. The company also has 18 outlet stores in the United States and Canada.

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mikada. posted on 5/29/2013

"I bought a frame in the store where it was not open and checked. I got home where discovered that a glass has been broken. I returned the purchase and was asssured that the next one will be mailed in good condition (they did not have another one in stock). A week later the second arrived but broken. I had to send it back and now I am waiting for the third one to be shipped to the store for pick up. Meanwhile I am getting the appologies from the customer service rep for my inconvenience. One of that e-mails contained invoice of the purchase I have never done. It was somebody's invoice sent to me by mistake.
Everything makes me to think that something is going wrong within the store chain.It makes me to change my previous opinion about quality of the store."

DaveMcG. posted on 3/3/2014

"I ordered some hardware pulls, they arrived quickly and were in good condition. I subsequently returned them for a refund because they did not look right on my cabinets. Restoration Hardware was easy to work with for the return and promptly credited my credit card. I did pay round trip shipping but I knew that was possible when I made my purchase. I would buy from them again."

A M. posted on 9/16/2014

"How unfortunate that something of such a high caliber according to their standards has such poor customer service and is not even able to greet you when you walk in."

Janet G. posted on 4/30/2015

"Very pleased. We worked with designer Bao and ordered 2 leather chairs. We were quoted a delivery of app. 2 weeks. The chairs were available
early and someone from the warehouse called to schedule delivery.
Chairs were delivered within the 2 hour window.
Delivery guys were extremely professional and quick! We love the chairs! Based on other reviews
I had reservations about making a purchase here but our experience was very positive with every
RH employee we interacted with. We appreciated the follow up call we received two hours after the chairs were delivered."

G T. posted on 5/4/2015

"RH is one of the best places to buy high quality furniture. I mean, solid wood imported from a old farmhouse in Russia, that you can't find anywhere else these day (Most things are made from engineered wood these days). Selection wise, it's evolving - I hear they will introduce a more modern city line soon. The large, traditional pieces they currently have are beautiful.

Price wise, if you wait for the sales - there's always sales - you can get 20% off (sometimes more).

Service wise, they are THE BEST. Call up customer service with ANY issue whatsoever and they will resolve it to your satisfaction. This alone is worth buying from RH. Service in the retail store is spotty but why is that a surprise? With the website and catalog there is no need to go to the store.

I think RH beats a lot of the competition in the city - RAB, DWR, ABC, etc. I had a horrible delivery experience with RAB (they scratched my floors and told me they didn't do it/my house was old). RH delivery on the other hand has also been excellent."

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