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US Airways Reviews – Is It Safe Enough?


US Airways is a major airline in the United States,which has created a website to help customers buy airline tickets from the comfort of their homes. The website of US Airways has a very good layout, which enables customers to make online flight booking and online check-in and book into hotels, cruises, car rentals, and other vacation information as well as gives them a chance to save money. US Airways Vacations offers travelers an easy and affordable way to create a customized vacation package to many destinations.

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Real Customer Reviews

"Booked a one-way flight a month in advance. Could not confirm seats ahead and was bumped. Missed important meeting with no apparent interest in helping me. All I needed was for them to get me one way, a couple hours downwind and they upended my entire plan. I regret having booked with US Air."

- Linda 5/3/15

"Flew in from Pittsburgh to Charlotte on April 15. Flight was late getting in and by the time we got off of the plane and made it to our departure gate we had 14 minutes to spare. They shut the door in our faces when we tried to get on and no one would speak to us. We had two others traveling for corporate with us and they said that our seats were given away. We had to rent a car to get to Charlotte for our corporate meetings that night that cost us $300.00. Manager and customer service very rude. Never again."

- L Cordray 4/20/15

"I call it US Scare, and for no other reason than it's funny. I recently took 4 flights on US Air in less than 36 hours. The only reason was that they were $400 cheaper than my preferred airline
All four planes looked like they were in dire need of a refresh and the (2) puddle jumper flights were serviced by a flight attendant that gave the impression they wanted to be anywhere but on an aluminum tube rocketing through the sky.
Yes, all four flights landed safely and that did earn them an extra star but there was nothing remarkable about US Airways."

- Stephen F. 4/3/15

"My past 4-5 trips have been with US Airways. I've determined I really don't enjoy this airline.

Why do I keep flying with them? The price is right. Three stars for being the least expensive airline traveling to the places I want to go. You get what you pay for: lousy customer service, no leg room and overall the barebones minimum they can get away with.

I usually end up in the last zone to board. Probably cost related? In any case, on my most recent trip I ended up getting forced to check my carry on item both ways. I had no intention to check my bag and was infuriated that there was still overhead space when I got to my seat. I didn't pack 4 days worth of clothing in that bag just to chance it getting lost too. In the end of the day, none of my luggage was lost but having to check the bag left a sour taste in my mouth.

Not looking forward to my next trip with them, but know it will inevitably happen."

- Michelle P. 2/1/15

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