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iTunes Reviews

iTunes is the best way to organize and enjoy the music, movies, and TV shows you already have — and shop for the ones you want to get.

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Seth D. posted on 2/15/2015

"I love iTunes just fine, however I experience my songs that I have purchased being replaced with random songs that I have not purchased. I find this infuriating to pay for music that I want only to have it taken from me and replaced with music I don't want! ITunes seriously needs to get this fixed. As if I am going to pay for all of my lost songs a second time. Think again iTunes! I also have purchased songs based on the small audio sample offered only to find out that the audio file has issues, such as the very beginning or very end of the song is cut off. Or, the audio quality is subpar."

Taylor H. posted on 3/19/2015

"iTunes is amazing. However, I do not use it for music but I do get lots of apps. I love the quality of the things I purchase and the fact that I can stock up on gift cards makes it all worth it. I can't imagine using any other site."

Walter P. posted on 4/21/2015

"I have one Apple product - an old iPod. Personally I think it sucks.
I hate that circle to get selections. Have yet (after 10 years) to get the selection I want to play. I have big fingers but this thing is especially made to frustrate.
One of these days it's going to be a hockey puck.
As for iTunes, their selections of classical music are very, very poor. So what's the point?"

Chantelle H. posted on 5/9/2015

"It is easy to use and find things you are looking for. You can also preview the song/s you want to buy before you buy the full song."

Eva B. posted on 6/2/2015

"I love iTunes It is really so easy to use and find things we are looking for. we can also preview the songs we want to buy before we buy the full song."

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