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IziDresses is an online dress store that sells special occassion dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses, wedding party dresses, accessories and more. At IziDresses, anyone can afford high quality fashion.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I can not believe that I am dealing with the same company as most of the other reviewers. They really delivered! I ordered the wrong color and was able to change it within minutes with their "chat box". The dress was custom ordered and arrived within 8!! days, yes, 8 days! It was beautifully made. Great fit. It looks exactly like the picture. They use quality fabric and fine workmanship! I would think that I was not dealing with the same company as everyone else except I did less than satisfactory telephone experience. My best advice to buyers and the company is to e-mail and "chat box". Will I use them again? You bet I will! Value for money? Unbelievable!!!"

- Elaine W. 10/9/15

"I bought a dress from izidress not so long ago. The dresses looked really pretty on the photos and the prize was also good ( the prizes were said to be reduced from 580$ to 95$). First of all it was said that the dress is going to be send to me in 5-8 days, which was not true, it was at my place a lot! later. When i opened the package i was seriously shocked! The dress was completely difeferent as it looked on the photos, not only a bit. Since the dress was for prom and it still costed quite a bit for me i still tried it on. The outcome of trying it on was worse than i imagined. When i had the dress on it looked even more awful than i already thought. The size was wrong (even though i measured it throughly) the pattern looked completely different, the fabric felt awful and it didn't fit in the slightest. The dresses come from somewhere in asia and you will never see your money that you spend on the dress again. I would never reccomend buying a dress from there you will only be dissapointed. Hope this helps a bit and sorry if i made some mistakes since english isn't my mother tongue."

- Lucy 6/12/15

"SCAM DO NOT BUY! I made such a mistake ordering from this site they would not refund anything. they make no sense quality WOW is pure crap I paid $175 for a dress they fail to realize how hard people work for their money and they scanned us! it’s crazy because i had 7 people waiting to order dressed now I would never recommend them I’m just simply heart broken. I wish this website can be removed for all the scams!"

- Debbie M. 4/27/15

"If you get stuck with an IZi dress it is impossible to get a return address. But I was successful in getting my money back from VISA. I called to dispute the charge and explained the situation to the CSR. She was very nice. She called the phone number for Izi and talked with the person who answered. She and I both begged for an address but she said the address is private. Since we could not get an address she closed the dispute and refunded my money in full. Ah Success! Will send it to GoodWill. Donna."

- Donna J. 4/11/15

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