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J.Jill is a leading multichannel fashion retailer of women’s apparel, accessories and footwear. They have a relaxed approach to style. Never complicated, always easy. The perfect balance of comfort and fashion, designed for real life.

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Real Customer Reviews

Hon H. posted on 1/4/2013

"J Jill stores are nice and quiet, and feature cushy displays of cushy clothing. I will confess that I mainly buy from their catalog since I'm too lazy to go one of their stores, which are only located in malls. Their clothes aren't cheap, but they are well made and feature nice materials. Caveat: the sizes are soft of off, and you will always wear a smaller size than you think.

The sales are amazing - just wait a week or so, and that pretty silk sweater with the interesting neckline will undoubtedly be on sale, as will those basic black trousers that go with everything.

I recently picked up a couple of pima cotton long sleeve T-shirts for $14.99 each. The color palette was delicious - pale shades of ivory, pink, melon, green - mmmm.....and they are very soft next to my delicate skin."

Tina H. posted on 1/2/2014

"I have clearly warped into an old, old woman, but I really like this J. Jill. After avoiding this place like the plague, I landed a job that requires all sorts of business wear that was not in my wardrobe...and so walking down Bay St on a Saturday, I wandered inside, and came out with a giant bagful of new work wear. (ps. It was during a sale. Otherwise, I think their clothing can be a bit pricey.)"

Barbara G. posted on 3/6/2014

"I recommend Jjill for the comfort and design of their clothes. I've had no problem with shipping, the fit or the prices. They represent their company well. Go shopping and enjoy."

Stacey B. posted on 4/16/2014

"This store feels very peaceful inside and has a fountain and chairs to sit in. They have a petites section and both casual and work clothes. Some young-ish stuff, but I think it caters more to older women. Nice quality clothing, a little expensive but not too bad."

Joan S. posted on 4/26/2015

"The do not offer extended sizes in the stores AND they charge shipping and return costs to these customers. Unfortunate because they have nice quality clothes. However, I can find nice quality clothes elsewhere from a company that treats ALL of their customers well."

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