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JackThreads started as a flash sale site exclusively focused on selling brands’ overstocked gear at low prices in 2008. Today, JackThreads has evolved their experience beyond exclusively off-priced goods. The site features daily drops of new curated collections from brands, limited-run collaborations and private label product.

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Real Customer Reviews

"I love Jack Threads. I buy joggers for my husband there that I can't find anywhere else and they ship super fast! The app is the WTG tho."

- Jennifer K. 5/20/15

"I honestly don't know if people are just unlucky for JackThreads to have bad service, or if Jack Threads got their act together. We I got a duffel jacket, it came in damaged. I asked for an exchange, and not only did I get an exchange within 3 days, but they also gave me 10$ and the option to refund my card completely, not just give me store credit. My jacket is amazing, and their customer support was great."

- brickwall035 2/18/15

"Reasons why to shop with Jackthreads:
1. The app. Cool, convenient, easy to use.
2. Selection. You want to shop around town or a dozen other websites to see a fraction of this selection? Yeah me neither.
3. You work hard for your money. I want gear that works hard for me. The things I ordered look good cause the quality is there and the fit is awesome. The product delivered on the descriptions of the items I received.
4. The service. When I contacted the nice people at Jack threads with questions about my order they were prompt in getting me the info I requested. Turns out I already had the info cause they sent it in my order and shipping confirmation emails (junk folder, who knew?).
Reasons to not shop with Jackthreads:
I think you get the point. I like when things work the way they're supposed to. Jackthreads does just that. I will do a lot more business with them in the future."

- Rodrigo Ramon 12/9/14

"Ok so I'm back writing a good 5 star review this time. I ended up returning an item and they were able to refund me right away so I could take advantage of a credit I had and before the item I wanted to purchase sold out. I received the item which was a pair of winter boots and I'm really happy with them! Jackthreads also gave me an extra free gift that I wasn't expecting but it was a pleasant suprise. I finally saw the sweater I wanted in my size come back in stock and I snagged it before they sold out again. I should be receiving the sweater today but I guess good things come with patience! Jackthreads really redeemed themselves and they're now my first place to shop for anything clothing and shoe related. Also they now have the Canadian side of the site showing all items in Canadian dollars instead of US dollars and they include all costs at checkout so no suprises on your credit card like before, so they've really done a good job and their customer support is always top notch."

- andy1212 11/7/14

"All the fuss that people are talking about happens with every company. Get over yourselves people!! JT has great stylish clothes, really good prices. I have ordered clothes more than 10 times from here. Yes, sometimes I received clothes that didn't fit right, it happens! If you don't like that, then go to the store and try it on. Problem solved. To me I'd rather stay away from the mall. I returned it and got store credit. I will say it takes some time to see the credit (10-14days) but it's not a huge deal. The other aspect is that they ONLY do credit, no refunds. Not the greatest customer service model, but since I buy a lot of stuff from here it works for me. Other than that I recommend this site."

- Sabnaz 3/9/14

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