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Jacob's Room Reviews

Thank you for visiting Jacob’s Room! This store was started in 2006 in memory of beautiful Jacob. Jacob’s Room strives to make other children happy by bringing you quality products at reasonable prices. The heart of Jacob is put into everything we do. Happy shopping!

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Real Customer Reviews

Nathalie T. posted on 2/13/2014

"I ordered an item on January 6th and did not receive it by February so I decided to call. The contact number is hidden on their website, but I found it. I got an email days later saying that they were sorry but the item would ship that week. So fast forward to today, mid February, and I have still not received the order. I called again, and I got an email back explaining that the item was on backorder. Now, I would be okay with that if I just knew of this, but I chose Jacobs Room because they were the only ones stating the item was IN STOCK. Oh, and they conveniently charged my credit card on the day I ordered the product. Getting this order cancelled and my credit card refunded has been a headache. I would not recommend buying from this company."

Keith S. posted on 10/9/2014

“I was nervous as we ordered before seeing all the negative reviews on facebook, yahoo, yelp and elsewhere. To my surprise, within days we received the tracking the number for our items and they arrived in a timely fashion, within one week and ahead of my little girl's birthday. While I don't doubt the authenticity of all the negative reviews as there seem to be too many to be a coincidence, I can only speak of our experience which was overwhelmingly positive. Amy was responsive and helpful, even going in after hours to process our order to ensure the items would arrive before my daughter's birthday. I know my experience is in contrast to what's out there. I was even surprised myself. They may have had issues in the past, but they seem to be on the right path once again. At least for me anyways. Hope this helps.”

Judith M. posted on 11/25/2014

"I want to stay or by saying that I am posting this review to attempt to counteract all the negative hype surrounding this company. I looked at the BBB complaints and the last several complaints here and was extremely skeptical. I ordered a Melissa and Doug kitchen playset for cheaper than anywhere on the internet and free shipping with no sales tax. I ordered it on a Wednesday and just received it today. Intact and compete. Absolutely no hassle. A++++ forJacobs room."

Channett D. posted on 12/21/2014

"For those that have nothing good to say – I don’t believe that they realized that is a family owned business not a “COMPANY” – I placed an order and there was a delay, but the owner sent me a very nice email. When small businesses are at the mercy of their suppliers, there isn’t much they can do but wait. But more importantly – especially during the holidays – not receiving a gift on time is not as important as the “time” you spend with family & friend"

JoAnne H. posted on 12/31/2014

"I ordered a product that was listed in stock on 12/16 trying to get a present in time for Christmas. The item did not ship until 12/22 and I did not receive it until 12/29 so obviously not in time for the holiday. When I noticed it hadn't shipped, I emailed to cancel the order. I emailed a total of 3 times without getting any kind of response. Absolutely terrible and will never do business with again."

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