JanitorGoods Review – Are You Satisfied with Their Supplies?

JanitorGoods Review

JanitorGoods.com was created with a single purpose in mind: providing a single-source, efficient internet-based supplier for facility management personnel to purchase all of the supplies necessary to run their facility. While the supplies industry (including janitorial/cleaning supplies, paper goods, restaurant supplies, etc.) is an established industry, it is largely run as a early 20th century business where retail storefronts, delivery trucks, and door-to-door salesman offer their customers products the same way they have for the last 30+ years.

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Real Customer Reviews

Dorothy U. posted on 9/17/2013

"This is one of the best places to buy cleaning supplies for my office and I found them to be cheaper than costco."

Nick C. posted on 5/13/2014

"It is easy to set up a repeat order on janitor goods. We have used this site for some time now and the prices are very fair and typically lower than elsewhere."

Margaret H. posted on 6/16/2014

"I saved my company about $100 a month by shopping on this site instead of officedepot as their prices were better. Shipping has been on time as well."

Maria U. posted on 10/6/2014

"We don't use them for cleaning supplies but for all of their disposable products such as cups which you can buy by the 1000s. This saves us a few hundred every year, the only problem is storing the cups!"

Stephen L. posted on 2/12/2015

"My restaurant gets our foam cleaning supply and dish cleaning needs from here and they have been easy to work with and cheaper than costco"

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