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Jawbone is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science. As one of the most stylish portable speakers in the market, Jawbone sells various types of headphones across the world with biggest sound in the smallest package. Jawbone Bluetooth headset, the Company’s award-winning flagship product, will receive the sound from your phone, laptop or tablet throughout the wireless network. Customers can enjoy a sixty day money back guarantee on all their products.

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"The first UP24 I got had a few syncing issues and became unresponsive at times. A soft reset often fixed the issue, but that was just inconvenient.

On the whole, the UP24 is an excellent tracker. It works better than the UP in the the sense that you don't have to plug it in, which is way more convenient than I imagined having lived with the original UP for a year.

The alarm is a godsend, waking you up gently and the ability to notify when you've completed a number of steps on the way to your goal is a nice feature too.

Finding your UP is great if you have the location service turned on as it will allow you to track wherever the last sync occurred."

- cchana 4/17/15

"Really good wristband. Software and synchronisation are easy to use and automagic.
I like the feature that make it vibrate after X minutes of inactivity (meaning: move your ass!) and the alarm, waking me up without waking my wife.
Very nice: it connects to your Runkeeper account and take your activities into consideration.

Bad point for durability, the rubber loosen and extend, making it less confortable, but it does not affect the features, only the look and use of the button, and I heard it's the same with competitors (like Fitbit). I also loose the cap, had to buy some replacements in ebay."

- LionHeartSeven 12/26/14

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