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JC Whitney is a retailer of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories including interior & exterior accessories, lights &lighting, wheels& tires and more. For almost 100 years, JC Whitney has been satisfying customers’ needs by providing them with the parts they need at the lowest prices. It houses the most comprehensive collection of parts and accessories in the world. Its huge warehouse has 1.2 million parts for over 25 million different vehicles. Add to that more than 100,000 accessories for over 6 million rides and what you get is the right part with the perfect fit. No more frustration, no more stalled restoration projects, no more having to wait to get back on the road!

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Real Customer Reviews

"My part was delivered on time . It was packed very well and was in good condition when I opened it. That being said my new fender looks good on my 2001 Kia Sportage. I have bought parts in the past from you and for these reasons I will buy more in the future."

- ptmasterman 3/25/15

"I placed an order with JC whitney on 3/2 for a part that said on their web site it would take 8-9 days to ship. On 3/16/15 they still did not have accurate shipping information about the part. They could not tell me when the part would arrive. They gave me a tracking ID number and the company that they say is handling the shipment had no knowledge of the shipment. When I called to ge tmore information from JC whitney they could not give me any help at all. When I finally ask for a refund I was told it would take 4 to 7 days for my refund. I will never order another part from this company. I have spent more time than the part is worth on hold tracking this part."

- Thomas A. 3/16/15

"I called in to see if item was in stock.Salesman checked and verified item was in stock at one of their warehouses.

I paid $433.90 with credit card and 8 days later item never arrived so I called to get tracking number and customer service said there is no tracking number yet because item never shipped.

I asked to see if it was in stock and she said that it was at one of there warehouses and they would email me tracking number as soon as item shipped.After waiting 10 days for item to ship, I believe they don't even have the item I ordered."

- anonymous 1/16/15

"It's the way things are supposed to happen with an online order. I made my selection, gave my credit card number, got the package when I was supposed to. It was exactly what I ordered. No problem at all. I'll order from them again without hesitation."

- david_weldy424 1/8/15

"It's my first time to order and definitely the last. I ordered a part on Saturday then that very same minute I realized it did not ask me for the shipping address so I had to call their customer service that moment and have the address changed then call again the next two days giving me bullshit reasons. I have never encountered vet incompetent customer service and a system that they don't even can change the shipping address. It's like they wanted me to help them do it because they can't wherein on my end I called fedex but fedex told me it has to be the shipper who should change the address.i can't even cancel the order because they said they can't do it. This company should make some changes or they should just close their business. Next time, I'll just buy at amazon!!!"

- Cherry C. 12/1/14

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