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JennyCraig Reviews

Jenny Craig is a weight loss, weight management, and nutrition company founded in 1983 by Jenny Craig and her husband, Sidney Craig. The program was started in Melbourne, Victoria and began operations in the United States in 1985. The company has more than 700 weight management centres in Australia, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico. The program combines individual weight management counseling with a menu of frozen meals and other foods, which are distributed through its centers or shipped directly to clients.

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Real Customer Reviews

Ashley V. posted on 5/17/2013

"About six months ago I started a Jenny program in Los Angeles. The facility was ok and the consultants were fine; I was a little uncomfortable but I had never done this before and figured that is what is was. Then I moved to NoCal and transferred to this facility where I found Allie. Allie is a like a friend and a cheerleader but not in a cheesy way. She totally gets that my life doesn't revolve around weight loss but instead I want weight loss to be a part of my actual life. I love her and would highly recommend stopping in here if you are looking for a good weight loss center. The food is also really good. Contrary to other posts here, I have been on the program for six months and just had my bloodwork done to find that my cholesterol is still in the "very low" range, so not sure what those other people were eating from here! They just rolled out some new menu items too so it is a great time to start. To note, the other consultants are always really friendly and nice when I come in... especially Sue. Check them out!!"

Nana T. posted on 11/28/2013

"foods are delicious. however, they are extremely expensive! double its competitor who are also considered expensive. I was on jenny craig for few months, it worked, but very slow. and after certain point, it stopped losing weight, so i switched to the other brand that actually work better and faster for me."

kathleen m. posted on 9/15/2014

"I've had a great experience here...great people (nice and friendly), love the food, and will miss coming here...they care and offer great workout tips and other healthy advice. I'm a very healthy eater and I exercise regularly, but I was eating and drinking too much socially!>>"

Heather S. posted on 4/7/2015

"This is great for someone who has no discipline or general knowledge of nutrition and exercise. You will definitely lose weight if you follow the program. I find it to be a little expensive, but if you learn what to do the first time around and lose weight, you should be able to make lifestyle changes on your own after that."

Dave H. posted on 5/25/2015

"EAT AT HOME, buying ORGANICS, and see what is IN what is ON your plates."

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