JewelMint Reviews & Promo Codes – Why So Many People Give It 1 Star?


JewelMint is an online retail store that features unique jewelry designs. The brand line includes earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. The site’s unique dazzlers and equally unique business model have earned the attention of “Newsweek”, “Elle”, “People”, and “InStyle”.

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Real Customer Reviews

"When I signed up for jeering it clearly stated their membership of $29.99 a month unless you skipped by the fifth of the month. I see other reviews stating differently, I don't see how as in the shopping cart stages it was included three places. I guess people do not read. They have just dropped the subscription price so even better. I have several pieces that get noticed. Nothing wrong in that.

Tip for consumers: Like anything always check delivery timing as some pieces are made to your order so they may take extra time for your personal piece."

- C H. 11/23/14

"Along with everyone else, they did not tell me that they would be charging me monthly for their horrible jewelry. I bought a "mystery box" on sale for my mom for Christmas and was rewarded with shitty, cheap, and ugly jewelry and a monthly paid membership, WHICH I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR. Calling their customer service number leads to a half-hour wait which ends in them hanging up on you, and emailing them only cancels your membership WITH NO REFUND. I am disputing the charges with my bank, but don't make the same mistake I did! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!"

- Erik L. 2/26/14

"Great jewelry at even better than expected prices. Could not have been more satisfied with products. Don't miss this great opportunity."

- Jeff C. 12/28/13

"I received an offer from MyPoints (a GREAT service!) offering me points on my account for placing an order on JewelMint.I placed an order on 6/14/2013 for a bracelet for my wife.

I wasn't aware that I was also signing up for some type of subscription service until I was charged $29.99 to my credit card on 8/06/2013. When I called to cancel this subscription and have my $29.99 refunded, they refused to refund my money, telling me about their terms and conditions.

I'll never purchase another item from them again, and I'll inform MyPoints of the company they're aligning themselves with."

- Anita K. 8/12/13

"Astounding that the site says "sign up for free" only to charge you 29.99 a month. I am so angry, when I called to complain I was hung up not shop here you will be's awful."

- ASHLEE B. 12/18/12

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