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JibJab Reviews

JibJab is a wonderful website that offers a huge selection of e-cards for every occasion under the sun. You can find all your modern e-cards, such as personalized cards, original animation cards, as well as the “Starring You!” cards there as well as any other digital fun needs.

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Real Customer Reviews

G B. posted on 2/10/2014

"This site provides a variety of amusing content, but your level of interest in that will be subjective and based on your own taste.

I am reviewing this site purely in terms of their business conduct, which I found to be excellent. I am no longer interested in using this site, and unbeknownst to me, I had left it on auto-renewal on an annual basis. When I saw the charge come through, I submitted a cancellation and refund request on their online form. I received a refund within 5 MINUTES of submitting my request. Frankly, anything within a day would've been fine by me, and this was above and beyond.

In addition, when I went into my account profile, there was a clear option to disable auto-renewal, so I was able to do that to prevent further charges before I even received the refund.

I'm not interested in this site's content anymore, but their professional conduct in this matter has certainly made me willing to do business with them again in the future."

Doug J. posted on 11/20/2015

"This site seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes I create a hilarious video and it gets delivered appropriately. Other times, it doesn't get delivered at all. They've got some kinks they need to work out."

Paul M. posted on 12/21/2014

"Took away fine tuning of head shapes.
Wont be renewing"

Dan C. posted on 2/14/2015

"I am so glad I came here before subscribing to JibJab. They put in BIG text $1.50 per month. I'm thankful that I read here that stashed away in the tiny print is that they are going to hit you with an $18 subscription for one year with that being on-going unless you specifically tell them within their set period that you do not want it to continue. Having one proclamation in giant print and the real details in fine print is deceitful marketing. If was all object to deceitful marketing, they are going to have to listen."

Peggy R. posted on 5/9/2015

"O>M>G> WHAT A RIP OFF! I paid, it acts like I haven't, I keep having to change my password. I wrote to them and they gave me a vague set of directions, that didn't work. Seriously, all the trouble and time I've gone to, I'll just kiss my $18 good bye. I should have visited the reviews first. DO NOT PAY THEM A PENNY ...IF YOU DO, YOU WILL BE STUPID BY THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY."

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